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Wonderwool 2013

Last weekend I went to Wonderwool Wales for the first time. This is a gigantic show in Buith Wells Showground demonstrating the many things you can do with wool – but most importantly there was lots of yarn for the buying. Then knitting.

I struggle a bit to take photos at craft shows. There’s no way to get a good ‘wide’ shot unless you have the power of flight. Otherwise it’s just people and the outsides of stalls, with only hints of the fancy goods and displays in each one. Luckily a show as large as Wonderwool makes your picture taking options much easier, by having adorable fluffy animals present.


Angora rabbits are so fluffy I can barely stand it. It’s just a pom-pom with a rabbit’s head! Aaaah! And then that pom-pom gets turned into yarn:


Also present were a smattering of British sheep breeds



My favourites were the Pembroke Poll Dorsets for looking completely bemused all the time, and Shetland sheep, for having awesome wool. Tragically there were no live alpacas present, but alpacas would probably not put up with being on display all day. They have more of a “wait 5 minutes and then try to eat your clothes” kind of temperament in my (limited) experience.

Another particularly interesting sight was this antique foot-powered loom, which was demonstrated throughout the day.


But enough fooling around. This show featured yarn in large quantities so let’s showcase that:

This is from the Five Moons stall. Imagine this picture times 4. Nice stuff!ww10

John Arbon’s Fibre Harvest stall featured all of the Knit By Numbers merino range which makes for an incredible display.


Can’t forget Easyknits whilst we’re on the subject of colourful yarns…


On the other side of the spectrum I very much liked the yarn on the Garthenor Organic stall and the classy men’s jumpers on display.



I bought some good things at this show, unsurprisingly! Some new needles, some extra Excelana to finish off my fair isle cardigan and…some Fyberspates Scrumptious Sock for a garment. Fyberspates is so hard to resist, it really is.


Also! Easyknits Superbiffle Sock yarn (Superwash Blue-Faced-Leicester). The colour of this yarn is giving me life, I love it.ww1

All in all, a successful day out, don’t you think?



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