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So this is how I gave myself Space Nails

Nebula Nails

Or Nebula Nails, or Galaxy Nails, or whatever the hell else the internet has been calling them. Yes, instead of knitting, I’m going to switch things up and talk about my nails, just for a post.

For the last couple of months I’ve been making some serious progress on quitting the nail-biting habit I developed roughly around the time I developed teeth. Obviously this is not a easy habit to break. It is a small but irresistible instinct in the back of my head that says ALL IMPERFECTIONS MUST BE DESTROYED NOM NOM NAM NYAM.

Breaking this destructive bitey habit has really just been a matter of replacing it with plenty of constructive non-bitey habits. Having an emery board and hand cream to hand most everywhere I go has totally cracked it. They satiate both the urge to fiddle and the need to get rid of dry cuticles and rough edges. Before I would just paint my nails every freakin day for while and come home with all the varnish picked off because I had nothing to do with my hands. Then I would get bored of all the painting and start chewing again.

The Point is: I have nice nails now!! Time to cover them with extravagant patterns that I won’t pick off a day later!!

Nebula Nails Thumbs

Below is how I did them, for people who like nail art AND knitting…


This whole style seems to be based on sponging layers of shimmery/iridescent polish over a black/almost black base and then adding some sheer glitter and optional white dots on top. Here’s my line up. As you can see I have a fine assortment of decent polish and Superdrug wonder-bargains.

So I used a very dark teal base, then with a lightly loaded brush, streaked wispy shapes over it with my nebula base colour. Like a comet trail across the sky, or an exotic solar flare or, [poetic similie #38 not found].

Then I lightly sponged on a constrasting iridescent shade over the ‘tails’ of the base shapes, before sponging a shimmery light green over the ‘body’ of the nebulae.

At this point I mixed a little white with the galaxy base colour and sponged it veeeeeeery carefully over the previous sponging to give a highlight. In retrospect I should have done this before all the other sponging. Bear this in mind! It’s a pretty subtle effect but it’s needed…

Because next you add some glitter. Awwww yuss. Today I am using Roccoco Nail Apparel Molten Lava in Silver Dollar, which I mention to you only because it is fabulous and I am completely in love with it. There is so much glitter in there it’s like foil stamping your nails. But that is too much glitter for today. So I am mixing a few drops of it in with some ancient Barry M basecoat that I neither need nor want. A much better fit.

One thin coat goes over the entire nail, and then I go back and build up more over the highlight of the galaxy until I feel it’s sufficiently space-y.

Then finally, add some white dots with a toothpick or something, so that the people around you can actually tell what effect you were trying to go for.

Topcoat that sucka and admire your space-nail-craft!

I would be very interested to know if anyone can pull this off better than I can. Comment if you do!


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