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If in doubt, knit accessories

This is the project I mentioned last week, that I’d been hiding from the internet. Soon to be my next pattern – a matching set of dude’s winter accessories!

 Yellowhammer Gloves
Yellowhammer Hat

I’ve had the gloves planned out for a while actually. Right down to the calendar schedule – because they were meant for T to wear this winter as much they were meant as a pattern sample.

But once I’d completed one I realised I would have plenty of leftover wool for a beanie too. Schedule disrupted! So I set aside that week’s blog post and went to town on a hat.

 These have both turned out fantastically well. The yarn is the Cornish Organic DK I bought earlier in the year. The fabric is thick and warm and sturdy. Perfect!

 They have been named the Yellowhammer Hat and Gloves. Both are now up for test-knitting on Ravelry here and here. So if you have tragically empty needles right now, take a look!


Incidentally, writing up the pattern for the Sashiko cardigan is about 75% done. It’s been a bit of a slog, because it’s multisize and a first for me. If you’ve written one glove pattern a second one isn’t much of a stretch, but a whole cardigan from scratch…yikes!

 Anyway, onwards with the knitting! I bet you’ve got at least one fall project started already right?



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FO: Tactleneck

It is done! The largest bloomin thing I ever knitted, or sewed – one tactical turtleneck for a very special birthday boy.

So here’s to another year, T! Kisses! I’m dedicating the following song to you:


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FO: Winter Mansocks

As the year draws to an end I’ve fitted in another sorely neglected project around my fervent jumper knitting: Winter socks for my honeypie, T. When I say “neglected” what I mean is “I intended these to be his birthday present back in June”. God I am just an awful girlfriend! Apparently I have a major problem getting enthusiastic about socks. I just kept casting on new projects for some reason.

“What about my socks??” T would cry every time I started a new jumper “Make me socks!!”.
“I’m sorry I’m taking so long!” I would reply (as I began a sleeve) “But I totally did some rounds on it last week and I will definitely have it done for Christmas it’s just that I want to get this sleeve done and it’s fine I can totally work on it and and…”

Oh the guilt (and the Christmas pressure) finally got too much. Here are the socks, made to T’s exacting specifications.

Winter socks

Action socks

Action shot!

They are quite simple toe-up socks (my first attempt at toe-ups) made with Regia 4-ply. It’s a nice dependable sock yarn that can take plenty of punishment. I really winged it on the toes – half the total stitches were cast on provisionally, then I did the classic w&t shaping until I could pick up a full 72 stitches. I used the “Suprisingly Stretchy Bind-off” on the cuffs and it works a treat. I would like to show it in more detail but black wool is just not the camera’s friend!

I’m quite pleased with the little stranded improv at the top too. It has the side effect of tightening the fabric so the socks stay up better.

Sock colourwork

It wasn’t so hard to knit after all, and now he can have warm toes for Christmas. I wish to issue a public apology for my tardiness: I’m sorry about the socks T!

Also, I wish to give credit to his contributions to the blog: He named it, has been lending me his camera ever since I broke mine, and is also behind several of the pictures on here. Those socks are deserved!

Now that our relationship has officially survived sock-knitting I have half a mind to attempt a jumper next year. I don’t see it being too hard. T is a simple man. All he requires is nice long socks and a baby alpaca/silk mix tactical turtleneck.


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