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Know your enemy

Warning: This post contains some really gross pictures. Totally gross. Squeamish people should not read ahead. I mean it, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ok then.

Wool lovers behold: the face of your enemy.


No, not that little rice-grain sized thing there. Out you come…



Yes you! That’s right! Tineola bisselliella larvae! You see all the little red bits in the cocoon? That used to be carpet!


Thank goodness we rent or I would be inconsolable about the carpet and the subsequent pest control fee. Of course, all my wool has been bagged and/or thrown in the freezer for safe-keeping.

In the mean time I’ve been doing my best at damage control. The larvae are unfortunately quite good at wedging themselves in place, so vacuuming has limited effect (and I have a Dyson and everything). No, instead I spent a good part of my weekend pulling dozens of the little buggers out of the carpet with tweezers. Oddly satisfying actually.  Also satisfying is posting one’s petty annoyances on a blog. Aahhh…

May your stashes remain moth-free my friends.



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