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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2014 – Day 2: Knitting Dating Profile

Today’s topic involves an unusual way to describe your projects – by writing them a dating profile. I’m all for pushing the envelope of your writing abilities and that’s why I’ve decided to fill this profile with as many atrocious and over-laboured puns as I could think of. If I make at least one of you audibly groan today it’ll be worth it.


This is my sexy face

Name: Marie…no, that’s actually a nickname. I am one of those Acer Cardigans though!

About me: I’m quite calm and laidback in general. I’ve been told I’m hard to gauge sometimes, but I never try to cause unnecessary tension. I have a quick wit too, I’m always making off-the-cuff remarks.

Would like to meet: Oh, just someone fun for a change. Last guy in my life who I met at the jazz festival Bluefest, Lester, turned out to be a real pill.

Currently listening to:  Needled 24/7. Oh, I may look buttoned-up but I love to rock out and I’m not sheepish about it!

Favourite place for a date: Can’t beat walking around any of the major museums in London, especially the most recent exhibition in the V&A. But I shan’t give the details away, you’ll have to guern-sey for yourself.

Sports: I like to play Badminton with my friends and I like to think I’m very good at it, although last time, Pearl won and I got quite the ribbing afterwards.

Religion: Well I’m not particularly superstitious, but this one time I had my Tarot read, and after pulling out the same cardigan and again I’m wondering if there really is something in it?

Pets: None, but I looove cats! Growing up, one of my neighbours had lots of them, all named after Disney characters. My favourite was this really friendly, oddly-proportioned siamese. Good ol’ long-tailed Gaston.

Something interesting that happened to you recently: I was shopping in Edinburgh Woollen Mill last weekend when this mad fight kicked off. Old ladies were pushing and shoving like crazy to get their hands on the weekly offer; it was a real free-fair-isle.

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