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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2014 – Day 1: A Day in the Life

Welcome to Day 1 of the biggest Knitting blog week on the interwebs! I hope you enjoy my posting as much as I will be enjoying everyone else’s this week. The topic for today is: a day in the life of your knitting.

What does my knitting get up to when I’m not looking? Good question. The answer is: it migrates all over the house without my knowledge. I think all knitters can empathise with this one. On the one hand, it’s good to know you’ve always got knitting ready to go whenever you feel the urge, but some days your house feels like this:


Luckily, the Common Domesticated Knitting species, whilst abundant, likes to hide in very predictable places. It prefers warm and cosy spots, near good seating. It thrives in well-lit areas and is particularly drawn to televisions, or similar devices. It should be noted that if you find your Knitting has migrated to less practical areas such as the kitchen countertop and the bathroom, you may have a Knitting infestation problem. I can’t help you with that.

Allow me to demonstrate some of the best Knitting-spotting areas.


In the hallway, ready to be let out for a walk!

Laceweight car knitting

In the car!


By the bed! (Knitting sometimes likes to roam in groups around this area)


Some of it is sulking in the hibernating project pile, whilst yet more Knitting is sitting neat and tidy in IKEA boxes like we all know it should really be, (but it seems so cruel…)


Occasionally you might spot Knitting in it’s infant form, as shopping that hasn’t been put away yet (it was Yarn Shop Day on May 3rd, couldn’t resist)


No wait! That tribble picture was just a joke!*


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*Toft Alpaca fur pom-pom y’all.


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