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Knitting And Crochet Blog Week – Wildcard: Craft Your Perfect Day

Instead of the Day 3 topic, “Your Knitting Hero “, I’ve decided to play the wildcard!

Indulging in knitting is an easy thing to do where I live. Bristol is a city that prides itself on it’s artsiness. There are frequent yarnbombings in the centre, giant fancy yarn shops further out and a knitting group in every neighbourhood. Awesome right? I have good yarn, good company and good pubs. What else could a knitter possibly need? What am I going to fill this post up with?

Well I can think of some things! I knit on my own sometimes too, and a creative activity needs a well furnished space to inspire it. Let’s fling financial concerns to the wind and make today the “Craft Your Fantasy Knitting Shopping Spree” post!

Firstly, I need a chaise longue. This is a very important part of decadent lounging and knitting. No-one could possibly argue with this.

Chaise Longue by Hampshire Barn Interiors

Obviously it will have a knitted cushion.

Secondly, good overhead lighting. I actually have a nice desk lamp with a daylight bulb already, but a floor lamp would be neat too. I find this type of bulb pretty essential if you’re knitting black wool at night.

I love lamp

Floor Lamp from Daylight Lamps

Next, a good vintage cake stand. I’m talking about the freestanding wooden type that was very specific to the Edwardian era. You can see plenty of these in antique stores and it’s a shame they went out of fashion. They’re the perfect bit of furniture to have beside a knitter: Tea at the top, cake in the middle, yarn bowl at the bottom. Bam.

Cake Stand from Loveday Antiques, Chelsea

Well I could happily stuff all of these things into my front room but there’s still something missing – the fanciest yarn and needles I can’t afford to spend actual money on!

I think for yarn it would come down to my own custom couture yarns, courtesy of Catherine Lowe, or enough Brooklyn Tweed Shelter for a big snuggly cardigan, OR mink. Yes, mink yarn exists and it’s perfectly ethical. And undeniably luxurious.

The materials nerd in me also wants carbon fibre needles  to knit everything up on.

So there: my fantasy knitting purchases! Would you add anything to that list?


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