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Knitting And Crochet Blog Week – Day 7: Crafting Balance

It’s the last day of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, and here I am talking about how I should do less knitting.

I have also been known to sew on occasion. In fact I learnt sewing long before knitting. Just as I was getting some serious sewing chops, I discovered that knitting was way easier and more portable and didn’t require messing up half the living room. My fabric stash has lain untouched for a very long time and I don’t even have any finished sewing projects that I wear regularly (Interestingly, my yarn and fabric stashes are the same volume – one big IKEA box and a bag of scraps I like to deny the existence of).

Honestly, the last time I got out my sewing machine was kind of traumatic: I had already left it aside for a year and when I unzipped the case I found a dried up little cocoon just inside the zip. “Wow I’ve not used this for a while!” I thought. Then I took the machine out of the case. There was a dead cabbage white butterfly at the bottom.

Words cannot describe the strange feelings this scene evoked, about the futility of life, the regret of not sewing more and also how icky dead bugs are.

Anyway the point is, I need to sew more!

Nothing motivates you towards achieving your goals like declaring them for everyone to see in advance, so here are 3 sewing projects I want to “balance” (ding ding! titleword!) out my knitting with this year.

I bought this dress a while ago at a vintage fair. It’s super-smart but it also has construction problems that need fixing before I can wear it.

This is a Liberty lawn summer dress I started making the last time I felt the need to sew. It’s been lying around with no hems or button bands for far too long.

The skirt is my first attempt at pattern-drafting and as such fits terribly. It must be ripped apart and rebuilt. Stronger, faster, and with more features.


I hope you enjoyed reading my posts for this fabulous blog week!


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