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Knitting And Crochet Blog Week – Day 6: Improving Your Skillset

Today’s topic is all about levelling up your knitting-related skills. But instead of just talking smack about my mad skillz, I’m going to get proactive.

You see, there is one particular unmastered skill I’ve been wilfully avoiding: Sock- darning.

My first ever knitted sock took 3 years of battering before finally getting a hole in the toe.  It shall sit around at the bottom of my sock pile no longer!

THRILL!! As I darn a sock before your very eyes!

MARVEL!! At how long it takes me to find the right colour of yarn!

WONDER!! At the barely adequate results!

So here is the sock and here is the hole. Luckily it’s pretty small and just caused by snagged yarn, rather than overall thinning from wear. Oh and it sits entirely inside a grey stripe. Very convenient!

Today I will be following the Knitty guide to reinforcing socks. I have assembled my tools…

Favourite needles, darning mushroom, scissors and leftover sock yarn

and the next step is to unwind the leftover sock yarn until I hit a grey run. Unfortunately Opal sock yarn has some pretty long colour runs, so 9 metres of yarn later, I finally get to some grey.

Let’s face this hole head on and get to the darning.

STEP 1: Horizontal running stitches. The nice easy part. Doesn’t it look neat so far?

STEP 2: Vertical running stitches. These must weave in and out of the horizontal ones. Not too shabby-looking if I say so myself!

STEP 3: Attempt at duplicate stitch to hide the darning and all ends. Ok, I got a bit lost here because the stitches blend into each other so much…

The end! It’s kind of lumpy, but I think I did ok. This is definitely the most thrilling post I’ve written all week.


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