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The end of all my hard work

FO: Acer Cardigan

You know what’s fun? Trying to take well-lit pictures on the shortest day of the year!

Acer Cardigan

Well, that’s the last cardigan of 2012. I know I’ve not mentioned this one very much. It’s been sitting on the backburner since June, as rainy day knitting. Plus once I had the body done, the rest was just stockinette and two plain grey sleeves don’t seem worth posting about do they?

Acer Cardigan back

But hooray it’s done! I wish I’d finished it off sooner actually – it’s so warm and fluffy. I’ve even tried out a new kind of buttonhole on it: The ‘Tulips’ buttonhole.


This is a buttonhole construction method invented by TechKnitter. If you are at all familiar with her many construction tricks you will soon recognise it as an amalgamation of her sturdier cast-on/off methods. The result is symmetrical, sturdy and quite easy to memorise, despite there being a lot of steps. I heartily approve!

That pattern isn’t too shabby either! It’s the Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. She’s one of these designers with such a strong asthetic, that if you like one of her patterns you will probably like about 90% of the rest. All her cardigans are snuggly yet classy. They are cardigans you wear while you lounge on a big squishy sofa, holding a hot chocolate (with whipped cream). I think next year I will try Pomme de pin


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If in doubt, knit accessories

This is the project I mentioned last week, that I’d been hiding from the internet. Soon to be my next pattern – a matching set of dude’s winter accessories!

 Yellowhammer Gloves
Yellowhammer Hat

I’ve had the gloves planned out for a while actually. Right down to the calendar schedule – because they were meant for T to wear this winter as much they were meant as a pattern sample.

But once I’d completed one I realised I would have plenty of leftover wool for a beanie too. Schedule disrupted! So I set aside that week’s blog post and went to town on a hat.

 These have both turned out fantastically well. The yarn is the Cornish Organic DK I bought earlier in the year. The fabric is thick and warm and sturdy. Perfect!

 They have been named the Yellowhammer Hat and Gloves. Both are now up for test-knitting on Ravelry here and here. So if you have tragically empty needles right now, take a look!


Incidentally, writing up the pattern for the Sashiko cardigan is about 75% done. It’s been a bit of a slog, because it’s multisize and a first for me. If you’ve written one glove pattern a second one isn’t much of a stretch, but a whole cardigan from scratch…yikes!

 Anyway, onwards with the knitting! I bet you’ve got at least one fall project started already right?


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FO: Baby Blanket!

What better time to learn to crochet than when a friend of yours is expecting their first baby? Rhetorical question!

I finished this blanket a while ago but I felt it would be spoiling the surprise to post it on the internets before actually gifting it. It wasn’t a complete secret that I was making a baby thing (because my exact reaction to their announcement was “OMG I AM TOTALLY MAKING YOU A THING”) but still, giving away the details would definitely be bad luck somehow.

For this first ever crochet project, I used the free Ripple Blanket pattern from Attic24. It has the bonus of a lovely photo-tutorial to refer to. Plus it’s simple enough that you can pretty much wing it to suit your needs. Does anyone know what size a baby blanket is supposed to be anyway? I figure if you can roll the average baby up in it for easy transportation you’re good.

The yarn is Patons Smoothie DK. It’s acrylic, but made to resemble cotton. Kinda splitty, but nice. I bought some discontinued colours from Black Sheep Wools. I can’t say I like the current colours too much – all the good colour combos are gendered as hell and some of us run in circles that have opinions on that kind of thing, thank you very much.  Mainly on how the pink/blue dichotomy coerces you into buying twice the baby crap in the long run and has only been around since the baby boomers anyway and it’s stupid and also I digress.

Orange & yellow is cheery and lasts forever. More importantly it went down very well as gift. Hurray!


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FO: Sashiko Cardigan

Done, done, done and done! How about that? After that first kerfuffle with the sleeve caps, they fit really well. Thank goodness, because this is not a yarn that you can easily knit, wash, frog and re-knit without it looking like a wibbly mess.

Not that I would like to disparage you from the yarn (Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK). It’s pretty much my go-to for any stitch pattern that needs to be crystal clear. Very smooth, very drapey and very easy to get hold of in the UK at least!

This diamond sashiko pattern has turned out better than I ever imagined. You can see how beautifully it photographs – the pattern changes ever so subtly with the light.

Obviously I am very, very pleased with this cardigan. The neckline worked out exactly how I wanted, the length is spot-on. I just love it when a plan comes together!

Now I’ve also spent a fair bit of time sitting in front of my notes with a pen in my mouth whilst saying “hrmmm” a lot. I think I am going to try writing this one up into an actual pattern! Eventually! As first cardigan patterns go, it’ll be a challenge; all those travelleing stitches will see to that. But I think it’ll be worth it?

In the mean time I’m going to be happily swanning around in my creation. It’s still juuuuuust cool enough around here that I can wear this in the mornings and evenings. Even dubious weather has an upside!

Update! In March 2013 I finally published the thing! Pattern available here!


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FO: Tulip Top

Voilà! One cute little cotton top for warmer months. I like this pattern a lot actually. It’s dead easy and the neckline is pretty much perfect for a décolletage-flashin’ hussy like me.

Check out the neat little i-cord trim too! The original pattern had a contrasting trim but it seemed like too much effort to track down an entire ball just for a little bit of knitting.

I think if I have any quibbles at all, it’s that the armholes are a little tight and the pure cotton yarn means the fabric is just a bit too hole-y to wear without a vest underneath. Maybe this one can go on my list of ‘things to remake should I ever need another summery top’. Not that I have any need for a summery top right now, with all this wet weather. Ugh, remember natural light? I used to love taking pictures with that.

All this drizzle in the UK is starting to get to me a bit to be honest. I didn’t want to spend July staring out of rain-spattered windows whilst contemplating existentialism and sighing heavily, yet here I am. I’m going to be under the duvet with some good books and wine until further notice.


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FO: Tactleneck

It is done! The largest bloomin thing I ever knitted, or sewed – one tactical turtleneck for a very special birthday boy.

So here’s to another year, T! Kisses! I’m dedicating the following song to you:


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FO: Stripey little socks

Just as you finish off a nice pair of cosy socks, the sun comes out: Such is knitting!

I made these from one ball of Rico Design Superba Santa Fe. I had enough to make the stripes match up, but not the heels. It’s hard to care though, when there are more pressing matters to think about. BBQs, for example.


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