All my unfinished knitting, exposed

New Year’s resolution! Actually start blogging again! Let’s just dust off this thing and start over. Easy. Hello 2016! This particular resolution also coincides with my other resolution of not knitting in such a half-arsed unbloggable manner, which is quite convenient don’t you think?

When it comes to keeping a resolution, nothing motivates quite like shame. So I hereby expose my aforementioned half-arsed knitting to the public eye in the hopes that I may actually do something about it.


What is this: Too much ribbing to think about. I have turned the Victory Twinset Top from A Stitch In Time into a V-neck because V-necks are 100% sexier.

When did you start it: September 2015

So why isn’t it finished then: Hey now! I think this has gone pretty well considering it’s nothing but 2×2 ribbing in 4-ply! DID I MENTION THE RIBBING?

Likelihood of finishing it in 2016: Only one sleeve and the cuffs/collar to go, so I like those odds.


What is this: It’s the Sweater of Broad Shoulders from Midwestern Knits, in an unblocked lumpy mess

When did you start it: August 2015

So why isn’t it finished then: 90% of my knitting gets done in transit and this cardigan is now unwieldy as hell. Our freakishly warm winter has provided no immediate motivation

Likelihood of finishing it in 2016: High. Am now making decent progress on the sleeves thanks to numerous Twilight Zone marathons. TWIST: This project was actually a war veteran in a coma the whole time.


What is this: Bray, in Rowan Purelife

When did you start it: August 2014…

So why isn’t it finished then: Have you seen the price of purelife?? Plus I still haven’t decided whether I want the back to be the same as the front which is a totally legit hold point.

Likelihood of finishing it in 2016: Well I might want to buy property at some point this year too so not great.


What is this: Me slapping random monotone patterns onto a basic raglan jumper pattern after seeing a similar Topman jumper I liked.

When did you start it: September 2014

So why isn’t it finished then: Low on wool, increasingly dreading repeating every single pattern on the sleeves.

Likelihood of finishing it in 2016: I didn’t realise this thing was so photogenic until this post! Maybe this will inspire me to get it done for winter ’16.

Laceweight car knitting

What is this: That unbelievably small gauge Blouse from A Stitch in Time.

When did you start it: April 2013

So why isn’t it finished then: I ran out of laceweight and hope.

Likelihood of finishing it in 2016: Nah come on that’s crazy talk.


Ellen, have you been appropriately filled with shame: Yes




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11 responses to “All my unfinished knitting, exposed

  1. It’s nice to hear from you again! I like how you’ve organized your WIPs.

  2. Hi hun..IN MY HONEST OPINION i think u should frog the ones like the purelife and the blouse and maybe even the huge cardy?
    Then sell that yarn to fund finishing the others? Then make a 2016 list of projects and put them in it so it feels all under control and fab.. Then KNIT!
    I have a similar amount of wips and will knit slong with u if u like?
    Janchuck on ravelry!

  3. I loved this, especially the “so why isn’t it finished then?”. Almost makes me want to brave enough to expose mine. Almost. 😀

  4. I’m glad to see I’m not the only person with half made knitting everywhere:)

  5. Love it. I have a box of shame in the craft room with UFOs which will never be completed, 4 WIPs which might get done, a commission still on paper which I really need to start and 3 kits that I really really want to begin but I’m keeping back till I finish something!

  6. Thank you for sharing! You are really brave! Maybe I must do such a thing in my video podcast…

  7. This is a great post! I’ve just been talking about getting back on the blogging wagon this year, I might have to steal your post idea to get me going, with your permission of course 😉

    Definitely keep going with the red fair isle raglan, it looks awesome! X

  8. Yes, the red is worth the pain (and will look amazing with your coloring) Speaking of pain, fear of unfinished projects has driven me to mad cowl knitting. Those I can finish. (Did one of yours, BTW; the burgundy broken rib one)

  9. Martha

    Enjoyed reading these posts…for me, the joy of knitting is in the process, although it is always nice to actually ( successfully) complete a project

  10. Maggie

    I have the same habit there is only one consolation i always know where to find the needles that i seem to have mislaid

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