Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2014 – Day 6: Views of Others

This is a topic about different perspectives of knitters, so I’ve teamed up with Faye of Buttons and Beeswax and we have swapped interviews. Faye’s been designing knitting patterns for some time, but over a year ago she landed a dream job as technical editor of both The Knitter and Simply Knitting and knitting is now her life! It’s actually been really nice to watch a career develop like that.

My interview answers can be found over at her blog, here.

Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold

Faye, how did you get this awesome at knitting?

I got obsessed in my early 20s and used to stay in knitting swatches in different stitch patterns. It turns out being hooked on something for years pays off! I’m quite lucky to work in an office full of patterns I can scour over and absorb, I am always learning and that’s exciting. That, and I just really like knitting!



Is there an area of knitting you’d like to get better at?

I’d like to improve my technique. I taught myself continental for speed, and now my English style is a bit ropey in comparison. I’d also like to have a go at some hardcore lace, but then I’d probably end up snagging it on something and ruining it!

What’s the best thing you’ve knitted?

Hmm.. that’s a tricky one. I’m really happy with some of the socks I’ve made recently but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m really happy with the design. I like sock yarn, and how the stiches pop out of it when it’s knitted with a slightly tighter tension. Probably the hardest thing I did was a cardigan called Lichen by Lisa Richardson. It’s a lot of cables and it took a while. I’m due to make some more garments this year I think.

Portreath - Reversible socks

Portreath – Reversible socks

Name 3 knitters you are internet-stalking right now.

Brooklyn Tweed – I can’t resist the beardy men in cardigans! (It’s true, you should see her boyfriend)
Alana Dakos – Everything in Botanical Knits and Botanical Knits 2 is lush
Kate Davies – I just love her work and all her photos of Shetland!

Let’s try some word association! Go!

Socks! Bright

Mohair! Only as a blend!

Squishy! Mirasol Baby Llama

Cables! Oversized

Nordic Lace Hat

Nordic Lace Hat

Do you have any other skills that people might not know about?

I’m pretty good at making curry!





All of my posts for this week are collected here.

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  1. Another Alana Dakos fan! I adore her work. Great interview!

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