A little prototype

So back when I was still high on Christmas leftovers I wrote a few sentences about how there was a certain disconnect between the things I like to wear and the things I like to knit. What I meant was, I received a sudden flood of really really freakin cute ideas for things I could totally knit, but might not fit into my wardrobe. As I said: high on Christmas leftovers. And crack.*

Eventually one of these ideas made it as an Idea To Make Happen, and I made it so:


What you see here is a teensy little shawlette covered in adorable apples. So cute! Worth it! It also proved to be an excellent stashbusting exercise. If there’s any white 4-ply left in my flat then I’d like to hear about it. This isn’t a full size wrap, but as experiments go I’m pretty excited about it. In fact I’ve already acquired the wool to make a ‘proper’ version! Hopefully I can post more updates soon, because the world needs more knitted apples, and I need something to make up for the cardigan

*I am lying about the crack.


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5 responses to “A little prototype

  1. Adrienne

    adorable! i can imagine many little girls loving that scarf. i too experience a disconnect between what i want to knit & what i want to wear, as well as a disconnect between what colours of yarn i’m drawn to in the skein and what colours i’d actually like in my wardrobe! therefore i do a lot of knitting for others to justify that bright purple sock yarn i couldn’t walk past & the like 🙂

  2. That is so freakin’ cute. I mean, you *nailed* it with cuteness there.

  3. Oh man, that is seriously adorable!

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