FO: Triangle Check Cardigan

Oh dear, I’m not happy with this one. (You can tell because of my Definitely Not Happy Face)


I had such high hopes for this cardigan, and fun knitting it, but the swatch lied. Now the shoulders are far, far too wide. What you see above is a cardigan held in place with a lot of hitching and hiking. What it naturally wants to do is this:


And then it wants to slowly succumb to gravity and sliiiiide off my arms onto the floor. There’s an insouciant off-shoulder cardigan and then there’s this one. It’s got no stay-up-itude!

So close to the cardigan I had in my head and yet so far.  The body is knit entirely in one piece, so a re-knit is frankly not on the cards. All I can do now is block it to within an inch of it’s life and perform cardigan surgery.

I think the main lesson here is that slip-stitch knitting motifs are tricksy little things that need better swatching. I’m not angry at the swatch, I’m just very disappointed.


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4 responses to “FO: Triangle Check Cardigan

  1. I hate when the swatch lies! And why does it only do that on the big projects, the no-going-back-if-there’s-a-mistake projects like sweaters?! Damn you, lying swatches!

  2. meppybn

    Not all is lost though! Double rib is notoriously stretchy, so I would begin there – either undo front bands and go down a couple of needle sizes and pick up less stitches = tighter bands, and also decrease # of stitches picked up across back neck by A LOT! See if that pulls up the shoulders to be wearable. A shorter fix would be to crochet or even use a running stitch in black yarn to cinch up the back neck and across the shoulder seams – not so much that it gathers, but certainly take out excess width. Love the pattern and the slouchiness of the cardigan

  3. Oh man, I feel for you. I’ve been less and less enthused with one piece knits because I can’t do anything with them to fiddle with the final fit. I slowly realize that there is not one finished knit I have without something I want to change. (sigh, the pile of sleeves to be lengthened, collars to be adjusted, buttonholes to tighten, cuffs to reknit smaller is getting taller). Good luck with the vigorous block!

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