The end of the year

It was a good Christmas this year, one of catching up with friends, relaxing, sleeping, eating leftover Boxing Day trifle for breakfast for the rest of the week etc. Hell, even watching a bit of Jonathan Creek for the nostalgia. Like all British girls of my age I used to have a crush on Jonathan Creek; he was shy and scruffy-haired, solved mysteries, and lived in a windmill. Now he’s the stupid one on Q.I. and everything is ruined and the wedding is off. That’s why I usually stick to the Muppet’s Christmas Carol and Die Hard (the ultimate Christmas movie). 

Now I don’t write about family and friends on here much because they just didn’t ask for that kind of publicity. But it must be said I have lovely relatives…who gave me new and exciting stitch dictionaries for Christmas!

2013-12-30 10.21.39

Stitch dictionaries are my new thing. If you get more than one bit of inspiration from such a book I think it’s worth it and these have already proved their worth. I really recommend the Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook if you like solid textures and intricate cabling. It is the end product of a relentless knitting mind-machine. The Scandinavian book is a much wanted companion to my Fair Isle book – it’s laid out in much the same way – and is great if you want to get slapped in the eyeballs by colourwork motifs. (sometimes you do!)

2013 went much better than I expected in terms of pattern-writing. It seems like so long ago that I was tentatively putting Sashiko up on the internet, and then I worked out two more garment patterns in less than time Sashiko took from start to finish. It just goes to show that you can do anything once you have the right Excel setup.

Sashiko Cardigan(C) The KnitterSnowdrift_main

Then Doomsday Knits came out just before Christmas! Excellent. I’m not sure I’ve gushed about it enough yet, but it’s one hell of a book to be your first!


What other knitting stuff happened in 2013? Ah yes, at the start of the year I was intrigued by the Knit The Queue challenge, where people tried to clear out their Ravelry queues. I, er, completed 2.5 / 9 projects from my queue, whilst adding 6. Whoops. All that designing stuff got in the way, so I think I have a legit excuse.

There will be no highly specific 2014 resolutions because they are clearly not for me. Just to ask myself regularly “How can I be more awesome than I already am?”. It’s a complex question when you stop to think about it. The obvious answer is to write even better knitting patterns, but then, what constitutes better? Something that’s been plaguing me for a while is that I seem to like designing far cutesier stuff than I would ever wear myself. The brain is self-defeating sometimes. It comes up with silly questions that prevent ideas from becoming reality. What do you do with knitted items you have no use for yourself? Has your entire personal style been a lie the whole time? Is there such a thing as too cutesy in the craft world? Well brain let me say this: 1. PRESENTS 2. NOT IF YOU’RE MAKING PRESENTS FOR OTHER PEOPLE 3. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN TINY OWL KNITS??? Take that!

Thank you for reading this blog post about a grown adult shouting at herself and talking about adolescent crushes. I hope you’ve all had a fabulous holiday, and may the next year be even better than this one. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be spending New Year’s getting drunk in style!



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5 responses to “The end of the year

  1. That Scandinavian motifs book looks rather stupendously lovely…. Am off to evil-Amazon to have a look. Enjoy your lovely new knitting books.

  2. Stitch dictionaries are an absolute addiction. Lucky you!

  3. Nice! Stitch dictionaries are first on my list to get with my Christmas spending money. And although my brain often informs me otherwise, there really is no rule that what you design has to fit your personal style – I say bring on the cutesy!

  4. >Has your entire personal style been a lie the whole time? Is there such a thing as too cutesy in the craft world?

    Ha! This really gave me pause… I think you’re right. I knit crazy things, because they look like FASHION (not the cutesy but the nutty things, it’s just another knitwear genre I guess), but then I am a bit embarrassed to wear them, because I am NOT on a runway or a NYC sidewalk, etc. Food for thought, indeed.

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