FO: Fancy Winter Gloves


One of these gloves took a reasonable amount of time to make, the other did not. I kept putting it down and getting distracted by newer, shinier knitting projects that did not involve quite so much repeated twisted rib on tiny little needles. The coming signs of winter were what spurred me into finishing the second glove properly: the smell of frost in the air, the bite in the wind, the newspaper headlines of “SNOW: WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” or words to that effect anyway.

The pattern is His & Hers Gloves by Dagmar Mora. My apparent mental block against twisted rib aside, it’s a great pattern. It’s extremely well-written and thoughtful, the construction is a masterstroke in simplicity and the end result is guaranteed to fit you like a second skin.

You know that little brain tingle you get when putting on clothing that fits you snugly and just-so without any tugging or fighting it? The perfect dress; the right walking shoes; these gloves. They slip on and suddenly all is right with the world. Maybe it’s the same part of your brain that enjoys order. Regardless, they’ve been treating my hands very well. New favourite gloves! Success!


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5 responses to “FO: Fancy Winter Gloves

  1. Q

    Q- beautiful! Quite stylish.

  2. Ah, the dreaded second glove syndrome – I have one of those, really must finish it! These are lovely, but beyond my skills yet 🙂 Nice colour too.

  3. caityrosey

    Those are some awesome looking gloves.

    And yeah, twisted rib is a problem for me too. It takes forever to teach my body to do it, and then once I have it programmed into my fingers I want to knit everything that way. Which is very bad.

  4. I’ve loved these gloves since I saw them tested. Definitely on my to-do list, thanks for reminding me.

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