New pattern in The Knitter!

Issue 63 of The Knitter is out on the 17th September and…(drumroll please)…I’m in it! My latest cardigan pattern is now yours to own in a delightful papery format. (The Ravelry page is already up and located here.)

(C) The Knitter

(C) The Knitter

This is a modern twist on the classic Tyrolean cardigans of the 50s. Whereas traditionally these cardigans had embroidered flowers running down the front I elected to knit them on instead. I will put Fair Isle on literally anything if you give me half a chance.

The body is knitted with DK weight yarn and flowers are knitted on sideways in 4-ply. Because they’re knitted on last, you could basically use any pattern you want. Hey, I included a few variant charts in the magazine just in case! It’s a cardigan of possibilities. I can see it in white with an eye-popping traditional fair isle pattern, or in red and white for a Christmassy theme, or in bright yellow or icing pink if you want to look like a delicious knitted cupcake…I’ll keep quiet for now!

As well as this, Issue 63 contains Faye’s latest hat pattern and a massive tutorial she’s written on designing a hat of your own. Do you want to be awesome at hats like Faye? Then you have yet another reason to buy an already great magazine. Get on it! This week will we mostly be chinking glasses and basking in our statuses as Published Knitters. These are heady times for knitting indeed. Maybe there will even be fistbumps, who knows?


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4 responses to “New pattern in The Knitter!

  1. Q – Congratulations! How wonderful. Beautiful sweater.

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