Rules of thumb

Having knit myself a couple of gloves, I have become quite well acquainted with the measurements of my hands. This makes knitting even more gloves a whole lot easier but there are other things I can do with this seemingly niche knowledge: Why bother hunting down a tape measure when my hands are right there?




There are many other ways I could measure my hands, but these are the dimensions that give the most useful whole numbers. 2.5″-3″ is about right for a jumper hem, 8″ is the length of a sleeve from underarm to elbow for me, 6″ is waist to hip, and 1″ always comes in handy. Most people’s top thumb knuckle measures about 1″ actually. Facts!

Go ahead, measure your hands up and see what things they can guide you with! As you’re approximately 100% less likely to leave your hands at home than your tape measure, it’s a real timesaver.


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2 responses to “Rules of thumb

  1. This is great! I’ve only ever used the length of my thumb. I never thought about finger or hand spans.

  2. Q – Love it! I told my kids and students years ago that most adults have a 1″ measurement from the knuckle to the end of thumb. As a science teacher, one lab was having the kids do their hand, arm span, and height measurements in metric and then convert to inches. LOL! Thanks for the memory.

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