How unfortunate!

Woe is me, for it is the height of summer and I have been struck by a really really good idea for an incredibly warm winter jumper and have had no choice but to start swatching.


Turns out fair isle in Excelana DK is at optimum snuggling thickness. I expect weather will just bounce off and run away whimpering. You all know how much I enjoy Excelana 4-ply and this is no different.

The real kicker is that I have achieved a gauge of 6 stitches per inch, over a 12 stitch pattern. Ohmigawd you guyyyys all my sizing calcs will line up perfectly!!! Now I’m going to have to go and drop everything and knit this sucker.


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4 responses to “How unfortunate!

  1. No worries, what ever is motivating you to knit has the reins. Just keep knitting regardless of the temperature.

  2. Lush! And amazing! I think I’ll have to give excelana a go this winter.. 🙂

  3. I can see why you have to knit this sweater, if the swatch is anything to go by, it will be gorgeous!

  4. “weather will just bounce off and run away whimpering”
    I love this image! Time to get me some of that…

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