Normal service will resume shortly

Oh hi there! I figure an update is overdue. Recently all my knitting has been secret knitting, and there’s been plenty of it. This is not a bad problem to have.
Actually I’m pretty excited about it and I am really looking forward to showing it off. Good job that on the internet, secret-revealing is an opt-in process because in real life I have the subtlety and tact of a brick through a window. With “LOOK WHAT I KNITTED YOU GUYS” written on it. Even better is that it won’t be too long before I can.

Incidentally, my last major bit of secret knitting is nearing publication too. The march of Doomsday Knits continues, and now Alex Tinsley has all sorts of sneak previews up on her blog. It is looking good. Seriously good! Not sure which pattern I want to make more of a song and dance about to be honest?

There are some non-secret achievements though. Mainly I have now knitted a 3” ribbed waistband in laceweight. Now that is something and not nothing. This thing? Took ages. Achievement!



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2 responses to “Normal service will resume shortly

  1. Q – So super love the RED!

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