Small achievements

Is it, dare I say it, Spring in England at last? The sun has shone on over 3 occasions this last week and people outside are wearing shorts in 12°C weather. It might just be!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll take this opportunity to develop a massive hacking cold and spend all your free time in bed, pretending you’re dying of consumption. After all, being whiny and belligerent is the only respite you really get from full sinuses. It’s so unfaaaaaaaaaiiirrrrrrrr.

This week my main knitting achievement has been winding some skeins of yarn into cakes of yarn.


Yarn Yard Bonny in some delicious spring greens. How seasonal and pretty these yarns are! I have made myself promise to get my gloves finished before I start knitting with this stuff. It’s a hard promise. I want to get my spring-knitting on the go!


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5 responses to “Small achievements

  1. Oh my gosh, want! Those greens are seriously awesome 🙂

  2. unyewshual

    My commiserations. A cold in fine weather is the pits. Pamper yourself shamelessly.

  3. Great color choices, they definitely make it feel springier even if it isn’t quite spring yet!

  4. Beauuuutiful greens. I feel a yarn spree coming on…

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