Two odd gloves don’t make a pair

You can’t throw a rock in Bristol’s centre without hitting half a dozen organic and/or locally sourced food vendors. Granted, you might have to bounce the rock off a student or two, but it’ll get there. Sheepdrove Farm is prime example of the fancy operations this place attracts. They have a dedicated butchers in Bristol, selling all the best parts of the flocks they own. All the parts. Which is how I ended up wandering into a butchers for food and came out with two balls of natural brown Sheepdrove Organic Shetland Wool (spun by the Natural Fibre Company no less). Food or wool, what would you choose?

It was an easy choice for me, as I’ve been meaning to make a tragically-gloveless male friend some gloves for a while. I cannot think of a better choice of yarn for such gloves: Hardwearing, warm, a sensible colour and lightly infused with the smell of raw mince. Maybe the receipient will enjoy pretending he totally just killed an animal with his awesomely manly bare hands whilst wearing them. Maybe he will just get a craving for shepherd’s pie, like I did whilst knitting.


The pattern is based on the Ringwood Gloves from Knitty. Quick, easy and good-looking. I love that pattern!

The other gloves I have on the (extremely small) needles are not quick, but they’re coming along too. Look, I finished one! The ribbing makes it a great fit. I’d say it fits like a you-know-what but then I’d have to slap myself through time.



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4 responses to “Two odd gloves don’t make a pair

  1. I LOVE that you can by yarn in a butchers! You wouldn’t get that in many places, certainly not Leicester where the closest you would get would be buying yarn upstairs from the Indoor Fish Market. Those ribbed gloves look amazing but hard work. I don’t know if I could face doing ribbed gloves, mittens perhaps, but not gloves.

  2. Q- love the gloves! And….yarn at a butchers – love it!

  3. I am jealous of your wool buying options!

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