FO: Ilene Bag

All my projects are fiddly right now. They’re 75% sewing, 25% ribbing on small needles. It was a nice break to make the first official FO of my Knit The Queue challenge: The Ilene bag. It conveniently uses up an entire ball of light green cotton yarn that’s been at the bottom of my stash forever. Plus a lady can never have too many bags right?

Incidentally, it occurs to me that a ladies’ handbag is an excellent illustration of the concept of quantum states.

You know how whenever you reach in the exact item you want is always at the bottom, every time? Well it’s the same thing as Schrodinger’s russian-roulette-playing Cat: Any objects within a closed container will exist in a superposition of all possible physical states until the container is opened and the contents observed, whereupon the superposition will be forced to collapse to a single outcome and now your cat is dead and you can’t find your keys.

Oh, I can guess your comments already: “But Ellen! Schrodinger was only using that analogy to talk about closed systems on a sub-atomic scale! Your handbag problem is probably just down to granular convection and the amount of crap you insist on keeping in it!”

Hush. This is a knitting blog. Look at this bag I knitted.

ilene bag

It’s an entirely practical item for once. It seemed rather small once finished, but then I put things in it. You know how mesh bags are – they’ll hit the floor given half a chance. Luckily this one holds a full shopping trip’s worth of food without whacking me in the knees, so I consider it a success.

Back to the fiddly projects then…


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3 responses to “FO: Ilene Bag

  1. LOL! It’s a lovely bag, and most useful too. What more should a bag provide than beauty and utility?

  2. uknit2

    I only understood the knitting part, but I love that bag. I’m going to make one with a skein of worsted I had no idea of what to do with either. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. unyewshual

    Cool bag. One’s stuff expands to fit the available bag space, and in this case, the bag expands to fit the available stuff. Equilibrium!

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