WIP: That fair isle cardigan from last year…


This cardigan seems like it’s been 50% knitting and 50% finishing, but it probably only feels that way because I’ve been dithering on the finishing so much. Sewing in sleeves is boring! It just is! But I don’t like picking up stitches around the armholes and knitting it straight on because that includes too much garment wrangling, so sewing is what I stick to.

So since I last posted about this thing I have: knitted on a collar, knitted two sleeves on 3mm needles like some kind of maniac, steeked the armholes and sewn those sleeves up and in.
This whole steeking deal is working out pretty well – just look at those neat crochet edges around my sleeves.


Sure they’re a little rippled but not as much as my first attempt so that’s ok. The main thing is, steeking is fine. If you’re nervous about steeking, just knit a swatch and steek that. I swear, once you’ve seen it happen with your own two eyes you can hack up anything.

Now I just need to cut the front and add facings and a zipper and I can luxuriate in my very own Excelana cardigan at last. Seriously, this stuff just keeps on impressing me. Consider me an overzealous fangirl. The body is clearly too tight on me without the front opening (compared to the sleeves) but it’s stretching so well. I have every intention of making a tight little ‘sweater girl’ number with this yarn after this. I can’t imagine using anything else!

There is only one thing that stands in my way: Loose ends. Loose ends, you suck. You are a plague upon knitting. I will weave you in eventually but no guarantees about when, m’kay?


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  1. Ohh man, loose ends slay me every time. I will absolutely pass up an awesome pattern to avoid having to do all that weaving.

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