I know it’s a little early but…

Christmas! Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! I usually remain stoically indifferent to the whole thing until December 1st, but something has filled me with the festive spirit a little earlier this year. By ‘something’, I mean the ultimate Christmas movie of all time, Die Hard. One day I’m scowling at November Christmas decorations, the next I’m singing “Let it snow” over the washing up (there’s no snow, but the weather outside is frightful). Such is the power of film.

Instead of blogging last week I went and gave the British Yarn Guide a good thorough update. It’s getting pretty long now, especially the Yorkshire section! There was a point where I could let people know my Christmas wish-list just by linking to that page, but no, it’s become unwieldy. Also my yarn stash is reaching indecent proportions. Yours, or the stash of someone you know, might not be though. Let me help you with that. Presenting…


The “Oh my God! You shouldn’t have!” yarns:

Fyberspates, the ever-expanding luxury brand (any range will do!); Posh Yarn, because buying Posh Yarn for a knitter displays exquisite taste and effort, and Knitwitches, because good lord, those fibres.

The “Wool Connaisseur” yarns

Single breed and source sheep yarns m’dears? Cornish Organic perhaps? No? Garthenor Organic Pure Wool? Or Natural Born Dyers?

The “Knit it? I’m just going to sit here and pet it.” yarns

Knit by Numbers Merino, Old Maiden Aunt, and Orkney Angora all have yarns best collected into a pile so you can snuggle your face into them.

The “We don’t need eyes where we’re knitting” yarns

Otherwise known as the colourful yarns! Easyknits and Krafty Koala both hit the most vibrant shades out of the park everytime. On the flipside, there’s the most delightful painterly yarns available at Juno Fibre Arts .

The “Sock maniac” yarns

The Yarnyard does great dyed-to-order yarn, so you’d better get over there sharp if you want Christmas yarn (for serious, Ravelry users can see what happened when I gave a vague order for a bunch of complementary natural greens!). There’s also Skein Queen – don’t tell me 100% superwash BFL sock yarn doesn’t sound good – and last but not least, the marvellous self-striping yarn of LaalBear.

Yippee-ki-ay you knitters!

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