Yarn Management Tricks

Here is a simple way to make your multi-colour yarn more manageable. Buy a cheap-as-hell makeup bag from your local cheap-as-hell toiletries department (i.e. Superdrug).

Haphazardly wedge the sides of this bag under a hole punch and punch away until an acceptable quantity of holes has been reached.

Thread the ends of some lovely centre-pull balls of yarn through said holes, zip up the bag and enjoy your delightfully transportable tangle free knitting. Trains, cars, waiting rooms, funerals, knit wherever!

Here I am using two lovely balls of Sweet Clement Smitten II to make a fancy striped sock (I took the seam idea from the Garden Gate pattern). It’s a very simple hack, about one step up from using an old loo roll to wind those centre-pull balls, but I’m pleased with it!


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5 responses to “Yarn Management Tricks

  1. lagrancostanza

    That is such a great idea. I know what I’m going to buy on my next trip to the store!

  2. travelknitter

    I love that idea. I’m guilty of the loo-roll-insert-in-yarn-cake trick too.

  3. Awesome idea!! Finally a solution!

  4. So smart! I usually just put the balls on different sides of me, like I’m separating fighting kids. Your way would probably be better…

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