If in doubt, knit accessories

This is the project I mentioned last week, that I’d been hiding from the internet. Soon to be my next pattern – a matching set of dude’s winter accessories!

 Yellowhammer Gloves
Yellowhammer Hat

I’ve had the gloves planned out for a while actually. Right down to the calendar schedule – because they were meant for T to wear this winter as much they were meant as a pattern sample.

But once I’d completed one I realised I would have plenty of leftover wool for a beanie too. Schedule disrupted! So I set aside that week’s blog post and went to town on a hat.

 These have both turned out fantastically well. The yarn is the Cornish Organic DK I bought earlier in the year. The fabric is thick and warm and sturdy. Perfect!

 They have been named the Yellowhammer Hat and Gloves. Both are now up for test-knitting on Ravelry here and here. So if you have tragically empty needles right now, take a look!


Incidentally, writing up the pattern for the Sashiko cardigan is about 75% done. It’s been a bit of a slog, because it’s multisize and a first for me. If you’ve written one glove pattern a second one isn’t much of a stretch, but a whole cardigan from scratch…yikes!

 Anyway, onwards with the knitting! I bet you’ve got at least one fall project started already right?


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