Good news everyone!

I am going to have a pattern published in a book! And not just any collection of knitting patterns, a post-apocalyptic themed book of knitting patterns! There is literally no way that theme could be anything less that brilliant. I am super-psyched to be taking part in this!

The book is called Doomsday Knits: Projects for the Apocalypse and After

It is curated (organised?) by Alex Tinsley and will be published in mid-2013 by Co-Operative Press.

The reason I am bringing it up now, of all times, is that Alex has just launched a Kickstarter for it. Kickstarter, for the uninitiated, is a crowd-sourced fundraising platform. You pitch a business project of some kind, and people can donate to it through their Amazon accounts in return for whatever sweet, sweet prizes the pitcher can offer. It’s a great way to cover the overheads of a small scale book publication.

It also means, very importantly, that you can get a discounted pre-order if you act now! Obviously I have a slight bias, but I think you should definitely support this book. Click here for the Kickstarter page. I shall say no more, and let Alex do the talking:


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4 responses to “Good news everyone!

  1. That is so cool! Looking forward to the final publication (and I’ll check out that Kickstarter link)

  2. Oooh, it’s such a great book project! I submitted a design too, but didn’t make it into the book. Congratulations to you, I’m so looking forward to discovering all the great patterns.
    What did you design? Garment? Accessoire?

  3. That sounds awesome! I remember seeing the call for submissions on Rav; glad it’s coming together!

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