Sometimes I amaze even myself

Last week I mentioned that I’d just started knitting a fair isle cardigan on 3.25mm needles and 4-ply yarn. That’s some pretty fine work, so I figured there wouldn’t be any progress worth posting about for quite some time. Wrong! I knitted the body up to the armpits in a week. What the? How?!

As far as I can see, there are two main requirements of this level of productivity and these are 1. That you spend what feels like half your week/life on trains and 2. You grimly adopt knitting as an distraction mechanism.

It also helps that I’ve totally mastered the whole ‘holding two yarns at once’ thing. As an English-style knitter, I do it like so:

The background colour (red) wraps once, clockwise, around the pinkie finger, goes under the ring and middle finger and over the index. The foreground colour (white) wraps once, clockwise, around the ring finger, goes under the middle and over the index again. I follow these steps one after another when picking up the yarn. Then I just pick up whatever colour I need as I go along and the whole thing keeps tension pretty well.

When I sat down to describe the way I hold the yarn I realised that I’ve never actually thought about it until now. It was just what felt good at the time (fun fact! that’s my excuse for everything ever!). So don’t take this as the right way to do things, it’s just how I roll.


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10 responses to “Sometimes I amaze even myself

  1. Congrats on such amazing progress. Thanks for sharing your technique as well. As a Continental knitter, I am always interested in seeing how the “other” side does it.

  2. Wow, that’s impressive!

  3. That’s some amazing progress! I hold my yarn the same way while knitting colorwork – knitting Continental really changes my gauge, and I’m more comfortable throwing, so I just figured out how to do two colors with my right hand.

  4. That’s an impressive feat and a beautiful piece of knitting, interested to see how you hold your yarn, I need to get the hang of holding both strands for fair isle, would make things far faster

  5. caityrosey

    Good to see how you handle the colors on one finger. I’m an English style knitter too. Looks like you’re a thrower too. I’ve always heard that handling multiple colors is a littler more complicated for throwers. Do you agree?

  6. Amazing progress! Looking forward to the FO!

  7. Courtney

    Wow!!! Crazy awesome progress!! I am normally an English knitter myself, but when I work fair isle I hold one yarn in each hand. It took me a while to master, but I find it really fun and fast. Can’t wait to see your FO!! Also, you should post some pics when you cut the steeks so those of us too afraid to try sterling can live vicariously through you 😀

  8. Thanks for the description on how you hold the yarns in one hand! I am starting colourwork and can’t seem to find anything comfortable just yet, though one hand seems easiest for me as an ‘english’ knitter. Think I will try your looping!

    Thing is… how do you anchor long floats on one hand? I can do it easily with two, but can’t figure out how to do it without dropping the yarns and manually twisting them! Am I being a git?? 😕

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