This week: Cardigans, cardigans and more cardigans

So I was wondering what to knit after the last perfectly good cardigan. Another cardigan? No? How about three more cardigans instead? Yes please! I seem to be on some sort of cardigan binge here. At what point does cardigan knitting spiral so out of control that it consumes everything and you end up buried in a mountain of wool with a headstone that reads “damn that chick sure had a thing about cardigans what was up with that anyway”. I expect I’m about halfway there.

First up is the Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. This one’s actually been lurking around in the background for a while, as a relaxing aside to the sleeve calculating required by Sashiko. I just lapsed in my blogging and didn’t get around to taking pictures. Shameful I know.

Regardless, it’s been great to finally bust that grey yarn out of my stash at last. It is Knit By Numbers, by John Arbon Textiles. What a delightful merino DK yarn it is. There might have to be a proper review in the future, as I think it stands out as quite different to all other pure merino yarns I’ve seen. All you need to know for now is: KBN is gloriously fluffy!

Cardigan the second: I am making another version of Sashiko. This will be the official pattern sample, as I wanted to make some proportion tweaks and also the colour I originally used is discontinued (This shade is called Julep). It’s also acting as a great sanity check as I wrestle with the mathematics of pattern writing!

As for the third cardigan in my ever-expanding collection…do you recall a certain steeked swatch I knitted a while ago? There was a purpose for that swatch. You shall see that purpose eventually. Oh yes you shall! Just don’t hold your breath because those are 3.25mm needles I’m knitting the cardigan on.

Oh god, I’ve typed cardigan so many times in this post the word no longer makes sense. Cardigan cardigan cardigan. I don’t know what I’m knitting anymore.


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3 responses to “This week: Cardigans, cardigans and more cardigans

  1. I’ve been mulling over cardigans a lot lately too – layering just seems necessary more and more lately. I never used to be a cardigan person either; I will have to follow along here for ideas!

  2. Hehe, I get that with words I overuse too 🙂

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