FO: Baby Blanket!

What better time to learn to crochet than when a friend of yours is expecting their first baby? Rhetorical question!

I finished this blanket a while ago but I felt it would be spoiling the surprise to post it on the internets before actually gifting it. It wasn’t a complete secret that I was making a baby thing (because my exact reaction to their announcement was “OMG I AM TOTALLY MAKING YOU A THING”) but still, giving away the details would definitely be bad luck somehow.

For this first ever crochet project, I used the free Ripple Blanket pattern from Attic24. It has the bonus of a lovely photo-tutorial to refer to. Plus it’s simple enough that you can pretty much wing it to suit your needs. Does anyone know what size a baby blanket is supposed to be anyway? I figure if you can roll the average baby up in it for easy transportation you’re good.

The yarn is Patons Smoothie DK. It’s acrylic, but made to resemble cotton. Kinda splitty, but nice. I bought some discontinued colours from Black Sheep Wools. I can’t say I like the current colours too much – all the good colour combos are gendered as hell and some of us run in circles that have opinions on that kind of thing, thank you very much.  Mainly on how the pink/blue dichotomy coerces you into buying twice the baby crap in the long run and has only been around since the baby boomers anyway and it’s stupid and also I digress.

Orange & yellow is cheery and lasts forever. More importantly it went down very well as gift. Hurray!


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7 responses to “FO: Baby Blanket!

  1. The orange and yellow look great together!

  2. I love the blankett ! I’m knitting a lot of yellow and orange too for babies, it’s always fun and works for both genders.

  3. Oh I love the orange and yellow combo. It is so cheery!

  4. Very pretty. I usually try for at least 30″, but sometimes I make a crib blanket which is more like 54″.

  5. Ann

    Yes, bright colors all the way for babies! Gender pastels make me well, want to gag actually. My favorite colors to wrap babies up in is orange so I commend your choice.

  6. Love the blanket! I always like nice bold primary colors for babies, myself.

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