Mostly ‘armless

Look, I have something almost resembling a self-designed cardigan! All sewed up and with proper button bands and everything!

Perhaps you have also noticed that there are no sleeves. This is because I miscalculated the sleeve caps. Even my very best attempts at denial wouldn’t make them large enough to fit the armholes. I could’ve fixed them a while ago but instead I knitted every other part of the cardigan possible. I’ve even darned in most of the ends. That is how grudgingly I turn back towards the drawing board.

Boo! Sleeve calcs! But wait, look at that lovely stitch pattern! Ahhh, I’m happy again.

Boo! Sleeve calcs!

Ahhh! Pattern!





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7 responses to “Mostly ‘armless

  1. I love how that cardigan is coming along. I don’t suppose you have considered picking up stitches and doing a short row cap to the sleeves? I’m pretty sure it’s less maths.

    • Ah, but I’ve already knitted the rest of the sleeves and the width is fine! Besides I think being able to calculate my own sleeve caps earns me major bragging rights 😛

  2. Aaahh, stitch pattern… it’s really great, I love it!
    You wouldn’t consider forgetting about sleeves alltogether and leave it as it is? I kinda like it sleeveless…

  3. I *hate* calculating sleeve caps. All the other math in designing a sweater is kind of cool, but the sleeve caps make me crazy every time. I just can’t find a good formula for them. Good luck!

  4. That is such a cool stitch pattern! Sleeves, however, are just about the uncoolest part of both knitting and sewing. Every time I have to set in a sleeve, I get the sads, because I know that I’ll have to either do it twice, or fix it in several places.

  5. That is going to be absolutely AMAZING when it is done! Congrats!!

  6. Lovely pattern! I agree – boo sleeve caps.

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