FO: Tulip Top

Voilà! One cute little cotton top for warmer months. I like this pattern a lot actually. It’s dead easy and the neckline is pretty much perfect for a décolletage-flashin’ hussy like me.

Check out the neat little i-cord trim too! The original pattern had a contrasting trim but it seemed like too much effort to track down an entire ball just for a little bit of knitting.

I think if I have any quibbles at all, it’s that the armholes are a little tight and the pure cotton yarn means the fabric is just a bit too hole-y to wear without a vest underneath. Maybe this one can go on my list of ‘things to remake should I ever need another summery top’. Not that I have any need for a summery top right now, with all this wet weather. Ugh, remember natural light? I used to love taking pictures with that.

All this drizzle in the UK is starting to get to me a bit to be honest. I didn’t want to spend July staring out of rain-spattered windows whilst contemplating existentialism and sighing heavily, yet here I am. I’m going to be under the duvet with some good books and wine until further notice.


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5 responses to “FO: Tulip Top

  1. I remember being able to take project photos outside. Those were the days. *sigh*

    Really pretty top, by the way, excellent work. Lovely colour too, it suits you. 🙂

  2. kernowcrafter

    Looking good, I like the fact its in one colour! Good work! See you Monday!

  3. That is a darling sweater, but not one I’ll be knitting soon as it is way too hot here to wear two layers! I guess now I know where all the rain has gone! We are suffering drought conditions here in the Midwest. Farmers are losing their entire crops! Feel free to send the rain this way.

  4. Cute top! Funny how the rain always seems to stall out where it’s least needed.

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