Bank Holiday Bits And Bobs

We’ve just been given an extra long weekend courtesy of Er Royal Madge (something about a jubilee?). Obviously it rained. This means I’ve spent a lot of quality time sleeping, eating, completing Rayman Origins with T, and of course, knitting. Ahhhhhh, sheer lazy bliss!

I’m trying something new with the Sirdar cotton in my stash. This is the Tulip Top from my copy of Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Superstar. That knot stitch is perfect for breaking up a plain top. It’s kept me nicely engaged whilst catching up with Mad Men. Even during all the shocking events of the last two episodes!

I have also begun the front of the cardigan I started on way back during the Knit and Crochet Design Week, which I shall now be calling the ‘Sashiko’ cardigan I think.

This is some seriously intensive knitting, what with all the travelling stitches. I can’t say it’s been easy working the shaping in around them. But I am loving the result! All that marvellous texture!

The Tactleneck is also being worked on, in the background. Maybe I’ll be able to convince T to pose for that when it’s done?


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3 responses to “Bank Holiday Bits And Bobs

  1. I cannot express how much I love both of these projects! With the first, the cotton looks divine to work with, the stitch definition is just perfect! And the yellow one has the most awesome pattern EVER. I am definitely going to give that one a try someday. Both of these are going to be amazing!

  2. Ooh, I can really see sashiko in that design – looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  3. Those are both so beautiful. It sounds like the Sashiko is your own design? Amazing.

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