Sew Mama Sew – May Giveaway Day!

Hello all and welcome to my May Giveaway Day!


Update! The randomly chosen winner is Emily from Greens and Jeans. Congratulations Emily! Her perfect colourway was a ‘mixture of vibrant bright greens’ –  I thought I’d track down a few examples! How about:

Eat Your Greens by the Yarn Yard,

Aquatic by Juno Fibre Arts, or

Swamp Thing by Easyknits

Thank you to everyone who entered – this was great fun to be part of!


For those of you not in the know, this giveaway has been co-ordinated by the lovely folks at Sew Mama Sew. Twice a year, all manner of craft bloggers come together to give away mountains of crafting goodies. It’s a gigantic lovefest of prizes!

So without further ado, here is the official Pile of Sheep giveaway:

A 100g skein of Ripples Crafts sock yarn (75% wool, 25% nylon. 420m/459yds per 100g).
This gorgeous colourway is called ‘Mid-Winter Sunset’ and is only otherwise available from Get Knitted in Bristol. It’s a pretty exclusive bit of British yarn!

To have a shot at winning this skein, just leave a comment on this post that answers the following question:

What would your perfect yarn colourway be and what name would you give it?

The giveaway is international and will be open until May 25th, Midnight BST (or 5pm PST).

The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Sunday, May 7th.

Of course, I am just a drop in an ocean of contributors. There are many, many more blog giveaways to be found at the Sew Mama Sew website. Go check it out and see all the fabulous freebies you could win!


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264 responses to “Sew Mama Sew – May Giveaway Day!

  1. notoriousjwc

    My perfect colorway would be a self-striping powder blue and brown. I’d call it Ten.

  2. Cara

    That yarn is gorgeous!!!

    My perfect colorway would shift to whatever color I was in the mood for and I would call it Hue. =)

  3. I’m assuming this is open until May 25 and not May 5 :).

    Ok, I’m awful at naming things, but I think my perfect colorway would have all sorts of blues and greens with a hint of purple in it, and I would call it Caribbean sea.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  4. Liz

    Dark grays and blues…winter seas

  5. Njeri

    Brown and pink, I would call it, Chocolate.
    Lame, I know.

  6. I am in LOVE with this yarn!!!!! What beautiful socks it would make!!!! I love anything with purple in it.

  7. Dark indigo/midnight blue (main color) with small sections of lime, yellow, white and just a tiny bit of pink. Name Aurora Borealis.

  8. cream white with turquoise. i would name it Pearly Turquoise.

  9. Midnight Sky. It will be dark blue with occasional yellows and whites.

  10. It would have to have lime green, orange and purple. As for a name, how about melted crayons. Thanks for the great giveaway

  11. Hues of lilacs and lavender mixed with gray. I would call it “Purple Rain” after the Prince song.

  12. My perfect colorway would be one that has shades of pinks, purples and greens – all springtime flavored – because those are my family’s favorite colors and I would probably name it something cheesy like “Ohana” – because Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

  13. pinks and oranges…would name it sunset

  14. beautiful! I just finished my first pair of socks, so this would be so fun to win! If I were to choose & name my own yarn? I’m thinking silver, grey, charcoal and white– and I’d name it Jillian’s Winter Coat after our sweet little angora goat whose fiber is just that color!

  15. Since I am a big fan of all colors in blue. It would be a technicolor rainbow containing all the sorts of blue in the world. And I would call it Blue Neighbor, as a tribute to all sorts of people in the world, we are all eachother’s neighbor..

    Yes, I am in a philosophical mood 😉 Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  16. This summer, my perfect colorway would be some sort of orange, grey and yellow mix (maybe some very light, muted blue thrown in to shade the gray). I’d call it “Dusk”. Well, actually, because I’m a huge science nerd I’d probably call it “crepuscular”, but then I’d have to explain it all the time.


  17. Lovely yarn! My favourite would be in the shades of green and yellow, and I’d call it pixie. 😀

  18. The yarn I would love would contain turquoise, yellow, fuchsia, purple, royal blue a touch or orange and a dash of red and I would call it New Mexcio Sunset.

  19. Jan B.

    In honor of the gorgeous springs in this part of the world, I would have all sorts of greens, and call it: “Green, green, it’s green they say, on the far side of the hill …”

  20. I love a colorway with fall colors: brown, gold, red, amber, yellow, green, etc… I’d call it “Autumn Splendor”

  21. Denise Cook

    I would use all shades of pale pinks, up to five, and call it bubbly for pink champaigne.

  22. Rose S.

    Lovely Yarn!! I would use the colors purple to blue, to white to yellow and name it Starry, Starry Night.

  23. Hmmm….I think I would do shades of bright pinks and greens and call it “strawberry”!

  24. this is lovely!

    my ideal yarn would either be the perfect TARDIS blue and called ‘phonebox’, or a pretty red/teal/white combo called ‘signature’, since those have somehow become my signature colours!

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  25. I love this yarn! It is so incredibly soft in person. 🙂 I would like a stripped yarn with oranges and golds. I would call it marmalade (although Tardis blue would be pretty fantastic too!).

  26. light greens, blues, browns, sand color with some more intense hues here and there and call it ‘sea glass’


  27. Deep purple with flashes of fuscia and turquoise. I’d call it Midnight Garden.

  28. I would say something with blues, purples, greens and yellow-greens in it. I’d call it Walk on the Ocean.

  29. I love popsicle colors (orange, red, green, yellow) and I would call it something like, “snow-cone” and maybe leave little white patches? Can you do that? Now I need to go google dying yarn… 🙂

  30. I would say white, light blue and purple, I would call it “Just for you”.
    Thank you for the giveaway!, the yarn is so pretty!.

  31. My perfect colorway would have teals and purples, maybe a touch of raspberry pink, and I’d call it Tropical Sunset.

  32. weeshare

    GORGEOUS yarn!! I would do something with gray, yellow, and white and call it Cloudy, with a Chance of Sunshine


  33. Teresa

    Whites, greys, blues for the Continental Divide mountains. Greens-lots of them, grey, and browns for Barbanza (local mountains). Basically, yeah unimaginative me would name my colorways after my favorite mountains

  34. Grays, blues, and greens, named Atlantic in March

  35. Donna Joy

    Blues, greens ,white calling it Oceans way

  36. zelmania

    Orange, yellow, white, named Candy Corn. It is a personal obsession.

  37. Kim Reid

    Turquoise, Blues and Greens – I would name it Tropical Island 🙂

  38. Amanda K

    Beautiful yarn! Yellow and gray, and I’m not sure what I’d call it

  39. mixture of vibrant bright greens calling it Spring.

  40. dreamalildream

    My perfect colorway would be vibrant tropical colors and I’d call it “Pura Vida”

  41. lynn

    greens and blues= spring reflection

  42. My perfect colorway would be gold and teal with small amounts of pink. I would call it Summer Days.

  43. Larissa

    The colorway I’d name Tranquility would consist of blues, teals, and whites.

  44. My perfect colorway would be a raspberry/apricot/peach/cream (non-striping) variegated hand-dyed yarn and I’d call it Raspberry Sherbet.

    trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

  45. Chris

    my perfect colourway would be all lovely shades of orange and I would call it “rhymes with orange” (LOL)

  46. My perfect colorway would be a blend of forest green, a touch of russet brown, and deep blues. I’d probably call it Enchanted Forest.

  47. Rebecca

    My perfect colorway would

  48. Rebecca

    Woops, didnt finish. My perfect colorway would be a pink/blue and purple gradient and I think i’d call it Evening twilight

  49. Andrew

    I would love to give this to my wife.

  50. Kristi F

    Mine would be blues and greens. I’m not very creative with names so it would probably be called something silly like “Nature”.

  51. Kassia

    Robin’s egg blues, browns, and creams… Little Birdies!

  52. Kimberly

    I love so many different colors, but I’d love something to mimic the blues and greens of the Gulf of Mexico (childhood vacation spot). The snarky side of me would call it Hurricane Alley, but another thought would be something like Gulf’s Glory. Thanks for participating! I love seeing yarn on giveaway day.

  53. Oh my gosh…beautiful yarn! How about greens and blues named “Drop in the Ocean”?

  54. krystina

    Orange and aqua named Summer Fun! This is such a beautiful skein, I”m crossing my fingers and toes for this one!

  55. Wow? You’re parting with this really?! Crazyness! My favourtie colourway would be shades of autumn, and be named ‘Snuffkin’s retreat’ (it’s a Moomin reference!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. I’d love a bit of yarn that magically arranges itself into a perfect tweed. 🙂 I think I’d call it “Professor.”

  57. My perfect colorway would be eggplant, lilac, cyan and powder blue with light blue sparkles and white dots. I would name it Snowed In. And if you ever make it, I will buy it. Seriously, email me and it will happen. 🙂


  58. i would love purple’s blending into bordeaux and darker reds calling it “summer berries”

  59. vetteklisa

    I think I would do different shades of blues and call it Ocean Waves

  60. Love that yarn! My hubby is the knitter and told me I have enter yarn giveaways for him and not just fabric giveaways for me. LOL!

    He says his perfect colorway is medium to dark blues and he would call it Summer since he loves warm weather and all the shades of blue from sky to water to flowers that are associated with summer. 😀

  61. My favorite colorway would be red, orange, yellow, brown and green and I’d call it Fall Festival. 🙂

  62. gabrielle azucena

    My colorway would be orange to fuschia to a bright purple and I would call it Catwalk.

  63. I think I’d like something with long runs of oranges and blues. But not a bright orange, soft like the sunset. I’d call it ocean sunset.

  64. I love long-striping yarn, for scarfs I found this more beautiful than shortstriping. I love the red/purple/orange colors

  65. Ooh, that’s a good question! Right now I would pick mostly light green, with some yellows, and fleck of dark green and lavender and call it “May Forest”

  66. Marion

    Ocean . blue, turquoise, green,,,,

    Thank you and have a nice sunny week !

  67. Ooo, if I win I’m going to have to refresh myself on knitting socks…haven’t done it in a while! 🙂 My prefect yarn would change colors rapidly, maybe one color per row, or less. 🙂 I really like pink, and green, and blue…oh, maybe I’d have bright rainbow-y yarn and call it taffy. 😀

  68. AnnaPK

    Some deep pinks and purples. We could call it ‘A Few Glasses” of wine that is! 😀

  69. jodi

    My perfect hues would be an arrangement of greens… Name would be -It’s not easy being GREEN

  70. My perfect colorway would be a mix of greens and grays and purples, and I’d called it “Feelin’ Froggy!”

  71. Teresa

    My perfest combo would all be shades of purple and I’d call it Ameythest Rays

  72. disincentive

    I asked my mom and she said it would be a “aindow wold” fo her. I’d love to name my own yarn an “Ocean drop”. A lot of different blue colours… Cute, huh?

  73. BreannaS

    My perfect yarn would include varying shades of blue and green in long color stripes with a small amount of brown and I would name it forest brooke.

  74. Ohhhh that yarn is so pretty! I’m usually really into greens, jewel tone greens especially. I would likely name such a colorway “Evergreen”. Now you’ve made me want to dye some pretty green yarn!

  75. goldeny yellows and bright blues like my husband and son’s hair and eyes. I’d name it after my son!

  76. That yarn is so beautiful. Yellow, pink, orange, and red. I think I would name it Bouquet.

  77. Gorgeous yarn! Love it!

    For right now with summer coming up I would say my perfect yarn would be called “Ocean Wave” and would be an ombre of cream, aquas, and sea greens.

    handmadebytracie (at) gmail (dot) com

  78. I am fairly new to knitting and have never made socks. I love that yarn and would try socks if I won it. thanks and have a blessed day.

  79. Lots of purple tones! I probably wouldn’t be able to resist calling it purple people eater 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. What a beautiful skein of yarn! Thanks for the chance to win!

    -Kylie (purple_harriet AT

  81. knittingdancer

    I would use shades of pinks, purples, and light orange and call it Winter Sunsets.

  82. Mixture of dark blue, black, dark green, deep teal, hint of grey and I would call it “mystery”. (Shades similar to this sometimes get called “bleu petrol” in France, or “bleu canard”, both of which I think are horrible terms for a beautiful colorway.) Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Jo

    Shifting from different colours of pastels- yellow, peach, blue, green…etc !

  84. buntyw

    Blues and greens, perhaps a little purple! I’d call it ‘stairway to heaven’

  85. Emily Hohman

    Self striping yarn in gray, turquoise and yellow, called Lazy Daisy.

  86. Jenny

    Mine would be “Smoke and Fire”, the perfect blend of grey and orange.

  87. Charlotte

    My colour is a bit of a shocker but I have seen it pulled off …. orange and pink. I’d call it “stripes for Alex” my son who was born in The Netherlands (so orange) and whose favourite colour is pink.

  88. Green, with flecks of red, pink and a warm yellow. I’d call it “apple”

  89. tawnykw

    I would go for a burnt orange colour and call it Nutmeg. Mmmm my favourite spice and my favourite colour!

  90. raspberry pink, periwinkle, purple with flecks of lime green, i’d call it “magical”

  91. Suparna

    My perfect colourway would be tonal red. Probably call it Dreams, since I’m not very creative when it comes to names.

    I’m Loves2Dance on Ravelry.

  92. 2ne

    The colourway would be blu and brown. Nature is the name…..

  93. Ruta

    Beautiful yarn! My colours: grey, green and black – “night in the forest”. B.r.,

  94. mint green,peach, aqua, gray and white .. id name it undone 🙂

  95. You have no idea how obsessed I am with that color combination of orange & purple right now!! I am so in love with that yarn!! Ack!

    Another color I’m in love with is a very dark teal & I think I would want little dabbles of little teal throughout and I’d call it Deep Sea Creature.

    Thanks so much for the chance!! 🙂

  96. Ella

    Frankly Scarlet…in a variety of reds.

  97. Lindsay F

    I would choose greens, blues and grays and call it sea glass.

    lindsay (dot) forgette (At) gmail (dot) com

  98. Linda

    Hello, I would name my yarn Cabana Sunset. The yarn would be golden yellow with a little orange and streaks of blue. Thanks for the chance to win your lovely yarn. Linda

  99. Ocean Dream – in shades of blues and turquoise greens. 🙂

  100. Abie

    Shades of pink. I’d call it Cupcakes and Candies
    abigail.lee {at}

  101. Rebecca Monce

    Black white and red and call it love… yeah I’m no good at this :/

  102. My colour way would be shades of red with touches of sage and I would call it rhubarb. Thanks – the yarn is fabulous!!

  103. Susana

    My dream yarn is self-striping in natural sheep shades from black through reddish browns and beiges to cream, leaning toward cream. And not dyed but spun from those colors, and a little heathered. I would call it mine, mine, mine. My favorite dyed colorway would also be self striping, in intense blues and wine purples. In my dream, all colorways would come in two self-striping variations, one shorter and one longer stripe (as in for the sleeves and body of sweaters). Thanks for the giveaway and the question.Sorry for writing a mini-essay.

  104. Kate

    My dream colourway would be a rainbow of colours in a single skein, and I think I would have to call it “Pot of Gold”

  105. amy

    I’d like long color blocks of blues, purples and darkish greens. Unfortunately the first name that pops into my head is “Bruise” but that really wouldn’t sell it and I’m envisioning something much prettier than a bruise. So, perhaps it’d be best if someone else did the naming bit.

  106. robinbrz

    All shades of purple with some blues too! And I’d call it”Kiss the Sky”

  107. Keri

    sooo pretty! hmmmm….blues and greens with a little flecks of gold – Through My Son’s Eyes. (they are seriously amazing)

  108. Anita

    My colourway would be pinks, taupes, creams and browns and called pink chocolate…yeah, I know it’s been done 🙂

  109. Wehaf

    I’d love a midnight blue, dark blue, silver, yellow and cream colorway called Starry Night.

  110. emtdlb

    Would love a mix of copper, bronze, cream tan and call it copper ridge. Thanks for the chance!

  111. Kitten With A Whiplash

    My dream colorway would be long repeats of variegated slate thru medium greys, with shorter runs of mossy greens and and rich brows, and little dashes of bright golden orange and white. I’d call it Koi Pond. Thanks for this lovely giveaway, it truly is a splendid colorway.

  112. helen

    My choice would be various blues..turquoise, aqua and a sea green and I’d call it Sea spray.

  113. I would like various shades of greens, browns and purples and I would call it “Northern Forests”

  114. my favorite colorway would be a combination of greens…. just a tad darker than green grass color, lightening up to anything lighter than that in the green colorway. I might call it Spring Pastures or something like that.

  115. ...

    Blues and grays. I’d call is endless sky.

  116. Leslie Millrod

    Mango and Melon: a rich mango yellow, the pale pink of cantalope and the fuschia of watermelon

  117. bflomama

    My perfect colorway would move from deep forest green to dark ocean blue, with lighter shades of blue and green in between. I’d call it Acadia.

  118. Turquoise, red, pink, and white — I’d call it Vivid Vintage.

  119. Joyce Mosby

    Blues and purples and i would call it winter mist.

  120. I love colorways involving colors ranging from rich reds to lush pinks and vibrant oranges – must have all 3! Could be called – “Feel the Heat!”

  121. A dream color way of mine is self stripping, tonal shades of orange and gray that I would call Samhain Sunset.

    Thanks for the lovely give away!

  122. Ellen M.

    My perfect colorway would be blues, greens and aquas, and I would call it “Beach Glass”. Thanks for the chance to win!

  123. julia carter

    grays and teals and I would call it ” Farm County

  124. My perfect colourway for would have to be a combination of bright intense jewel colours – ruby, sapphire, amethyst, emerald, pink diamond, canary yellow diamond – as I think everyone likes a bit of luxury, and it would be especially surprising on their toes! I would call it Gemstones.

  125. Cinnamon

    That really is gorgeous yarn! My perfect colorway would be a magenta and turquoise (with a splash of salmon orange) combo which I’d call Tropical, so when it’s raining and grey in winter my toes will be cheery. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!


  126. Nancy

    I would love browns,golds, greens, reds and call it Autumn in New England.

  127. I would love a yarn in golden yellow, orange and red — i would call it feet afire

  128. Liz

    What fabulous coloured yarn. My favourite colour scheme at the moment is a pale lime green, pink going into lavender, cool colours for a warm “California Spring”. .

  129. ikkinlala

    My perfect colourway (at the moment) would be a subtly-variegated gray and blue, and I’d call it Blue Jeans.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  130. A perfect colorway would be a saturated green subtly variegated with a shimmering silver color. I don’t even know if that would be possible, but I would call it Forest dew.

  131. Gorgeous yarn – Thankyou for sharing. I’d adore a yarn that captured the deep blue essence of my little boys eyes …. what to call it!? How about Island Oasis …

  132. Gitte

    My favorite combo at the moment is blues and greens and the name would be Fields & Sea

  133. oh, that yarn is just fantastic!! i’d want one with similar colors but that included all colors of the rainbow and call it somewhere over the rainbow. thanks for the opportunity and have a great day

  134. Sasha

    I’d go for aqua blue and light grey and call it April showers.
    I’m so glad I’ve discovered someone local, if you are ever in Bath you need to try the shop ‘Wool’ near the train station. You probably already know it, it’s nowhere near the size of Get Knitted but it’s worth a look.

  135. white, greys and black and i would call it liquorice!!

    xo Steph

  136. I would like to have a light pink and grey colorway and it would be called Winter Hug.

  137. I’d love raspberry and rubarb red! I would call it smoothy

  138. L. Pendragon

    First, that yarn is stunning.
    Second, I would make a colorway with lots of primary colors and call it “Kindergarten”.

  139. Hueisei

    I love Midnight Blue. I will named it “sky night fairy” 🙂

  140. Emma

    I would opt for a semi-solid dark blue, and I would call it ink.

  141. Julie R

    I would have shades of blue and blue-green and call it Sea Breeze

  142. Right now I’m thinking about all different shades of gold, tan, mustard, yellow with a hint of green and I’d call it “Wheatfields”.

  143. Alyce

    Thanks for a great offer. I live in Arizona and our sunsets are magnificent. I would love a colorway with those colors . . . reds, yellows, oranges and I would name it Arizona Sunset.

  144. Would have to be blues and greens and I would probably call it something daft like Pink just to confuse matters 🙂

  145. purple haze made entirely of shades of purple.

  146. Shannon

    How about pink, purple, blue, yellow and orange and call it sunset? Not very original I’m sure.

  147. Aqua and blues. A name might be Tranquil Sea. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  148. KT

    Ocean Blues–blues and turquoise and aqua. Thanks for the chance to win!

  149. Jo

    I love Get Knitted 🙂 I would love blues – petrol, sky, night.

  150. wow, that’s a hard question!! aqua, turquoise, blue… Summer Seas?

  151. Sunshine strategy – a self striping range of yellows.

  152. Oh, yum, yum!
    I would use olive, aqua, and mustard and call it… mud season (which is a real season where I live!

  153. Ooh what pretty colours that yarn has!
    My perfect colour-way would be watery blues with creams and greys and I would call it Mr Darcy!

  154. MoeWest

    My perfect colour would be all shades of aqua and I would call it Mountain Stream.

  155. I’d go for lots of aquas, sand, blue, a touch of green and call it Seaside Cottage.

  156. Dina Newton-Edwards

    My favourite colourway is very similar to the yarn you are giving away. The colours would be subtler and would blend into each other. Less pink and more purple, with blues and lilacs and perhaps a smidgeon of red.
    I would call it Sensual Sunset.

  157. I’d like a random colorway with an emphasis on blues and purples 🙂 Thanks!

  158. What a great Giveaway; thanks for the chance!
    My favourite colours would be the autumn ones.

  159. I would like a cool blueish green, or greenish blue, and I’d call it Serene. Just because it seems like that would fit. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    serenakate at gmail dot com

  160. Stephanie

    I would love a colourway with greys, turquiose, tangerine….and i would call it burst

  161. Mimi Fan

    My colorway would have aquas in blue and green tones and some brown and gold mixed in. Opaline.

  162. My colorway would be a mix of blue tones with a pop of bright yellow. It would be named Nadine

  163. Nina Hudson

    purple, red white and blue – purple reighn

  164. Oh – my absolute favorite pair of socks was knitted with Ripples Craft yarn that I bought from someone on Ravelry! It is the perfect weight and texture.
    I would love some black yarn that created narrow stripes with jewel-tone colors to remind me of a dress I had when I was 5 — I’d call it “childhood”

  165. Capi Cohen

    blue jean blue, navy, light blue and little pink spots along the way…Seashells

  166. Angie

    I love mixed purples. I’d call it just “Soul.”

  167. Heather

    All different blues aquas and teals, and I would name it Lanikai after my favorite beach.

  168. Rae

    shades of midnight (blues, blacks, purples…) and I would call it midnight lust 🙂

  169. radiya

    purples and mustard yellows called petunia power

  170. sewlindaann

    Perfect colorway would be soft aqua, navy blue and orchid. I would call it Serenity.

  171. It would be many shades of aqua and called Sunny ocean!

  172. It would have to be a neon color formed by green neon and yellow neon! of course both fluorescent! 😀

  173. I’d love a variety of pinks, oranges and soft yellow’s and call it Susan’s Sunset. 🙂

  174. Heather

    soft grey, black, and white and call it earl grey tea

  175. It would be… Gray, mustard yellow and lightish orange ….. Morning fog would be the name

  176. Cheryl Rathke

    I’d like a self striping pink, turquoise and grey, and i’d call it “Prince Charming”.

  177. Sue

    How about mango, papaya, banana, watermelon and lime and call it Just Add Rum.

  178. I’d have a striping orange & grey and call it The Moody Scholar.

  179. I would have hot pink, lime green and orange and call it “Neon Happiness”

  180. Jennyroo

    My perfect yarn is pink and gray and I’d call it Cherry Blossom!

  181. Mhairi

    Mine would have reds, purples, greens and greys in it and be called Shepherds Delight – as in red sky at night.

  182. I am just starting my very first pair of knitted socks using the toe up method! Your yarn is so beautiful! I love all green, grey, and navy……can’t come up with a clever name! Thanks for the giveway

  183. Beautiful yarn! Something with analogous blues and greens called Seaglass.

  184. Emily

    Rainbow including rich pinks and aquas,. I’d probably call it something cheesy like ‘pot of gold’ or something

  185. Patrizia

    Lagoa Azul: blue, green and a hint of yellow.

  186. craftylibrarian

    Ooooh, pretty. The name Otters and Urchins has always appealed to me for some reason, and I’d imagine it as pinky earthy tones with a little sparkle for “spike”!

  187. Alison

    It would be a mixture of greens. Called Green Salad.

  188. Jodi Robertson

    I would call it Blue Mountains Summer Sunset and it would be rich orange and pink sunset tones and purple blues you will only know if you have spent time around gum covered Australian mountain country. I can almost see the scarf now: )

  189. Diane W

    My favorite color is green and I loved my visit to Ireland, so maybe something like “Irish landscape” (sorry I have no originality). Thanks for the giveaway.

  190. Melanie T

    Blue and white ~ Oceanish

  191. Leo

    from a dark orange to egg plant purple .. and a name ahhh can I get back to you on that? [that’s probably the reason why there is no such yarn, noone can come up with a name for it]

  192. scrapgirl1467

    Something in a very soft pink and I would call it “cotton candy” Thanks for the chance to win this yarn!

  193. Lauren

    Dark pinks, oranges, and purples. “Mountain Sunsets.” Thanks for the giveaway!!

  194. chrissybelle

    That is beautiful yarn! My perfect yarn colourway would be a mix of blues and greens and it would be called Oceanic

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  195. Ericka Alschuler

    Maybe an orange and brown yarn that I would call autumn…
    Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  196. Kris Slader

    My perfect colorway would be based on a fallen tree. It would be pale gray, moss green, periwinkle, with maybe a yellow-green and a deep brown shade. I would call it Detritus.

  197. Stacy Kemper Alfano

    I love oranges and pinks! And I would call it sunset!

  198. Brianna

    My perfect colorway would be called Greek Isles and it would be all shades of vibrant Blue!

  199. Linnet

    I’d go with browns and greens and bits of bright colors called New Garden. linnetvandijk(at)gmail(dot)com

  200. I love fall colours with some or a lot of purple it it and I would call it “Falling My Way’

  201. Mine would be a self striping yarn, a light olive green, black, tan and white…with flecks of dark red throughout…I would call it French Country.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win this gorgeous skein!

  202. Mandy

    hhmmm I really like vintage-y colors so maybe a turquoise and green and call it Grandmother’s Squares.

  203. Danijela

    Yeah for yarn.Lovely colors,thanks for the chance to win colors blue,turquoise and white and name it sea.

  204. Mmm.. that is pretty! My colors would be green, yellow, a bit of brown, some sunset orangish red, and maybe a hint of pure sky blue. It’s name would be The African plains.

  205. Adrienne

    I would love some fall colors ie red and brown and gold. I would name it camp for a beautiful camp in surrey i go to every fall:)

  206. At the moment it’s green, white and red with black spots. Woolmelon?

  207. Emily C

    Blues, purples and yellows. Turquoise sunset.

  208. turquoise, light green, pale yellow, and a light aqua marine. I’d call it “Island”

  209. deniseinchina

    During the summer it is pink and green and I would call it vacation time
    During the winter I love purples, turquoise and blues that combo would be called contentment

  210. Turquoise mixed with pinks. I would call it Tulip. Thanks for the giveaway.

  211. Karen

    Blue, purple, pink, orange and I would call it sunset.

  212. chibidani

    I just ate some Neapolitan ice cream, and it makes me want to have a white-brown-light pink combo.

  213. Lydia

    ooooh! slate blues and steel greys for “Storm”

  214. I would have a blend of grays, blues, and turquoises and call it Angry Ocean.

  215. Something amazingly subtle and hand-dyed in shades of bronze, called “antiquity.”

  216. Turquoise and black

  217. Oh I love the question! How original ^^
    oh so hard to decide! I’m just going to have to pass on the question but will definitely be thinking about that! Thanks for the post, beautiful yarn! ^^

  218. Tina C.

    how bout pinks to reds, and i’d call it mari’s poppies.

  219. lisa m

    Purple, gray, lilac…and call it Lilac Sparkler.

  220. Danielle

    I love cerulean blue with surprising shots of dark red and teal green. I don’t know what I would call it; I am so horrible at coming up with names. Maybe…Night Owl? Thanks for the giveaway!

  221. Madeline

    blues, greens, with some pink, touch of orangey yellow. call it Alaskan sunset

  222. Libby

    All the colors found in a sunset. Heavy on oranges and pink. A hint of a bluey-dark purple. It should have a shot of sparkle in it as well. I would call it August.

  223. Tina

    Navy blue, dark magenta, deep purple, and a splash of granny smith apple green–I’d call it Soul Rider.


  224. Tammi

    I’d do blues and greens and call it Seaglass

  225. Shades of brown and red – called Bella!

  226. Stacey

    I love the dark magentas, blues,…the colors of the sunset. I would call it Carribean sunset?

  227. My favorite would be a turquoise to light blue and I would call it sea glass.

  228. knittaroo

    Beautiful yarn! I think a mix of vibrant purple and turquoise would be great, mixed with black. I think I’d call it Fireworks.

  229. Perfect colours for me would be greys, of various shade…and I would call it “love in a mist”

  230. Marilize

    I love mixing cool colours with white and greys. I think a selection of blues with a line of red can work and I would call it “Hidden treasure”.

    Thank you for a great prize and the chance to win it.

    marilize (dot) paulsen (at) gmail (dot) com

  231. Kathy

    Great question. I love pearly greens, greys, and blues… serenity at sea for a name.
    winterwrens at gmail dot com

  232. Loud bright colors with pink,orange and lime green. I’d call it – TAKE THAT!

  233. Purple/Pink/Aqua is my favorite color way. I just had some Noro that fit the bill! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  234. ourbusylittlebunch

    I’d love a red/aqua combo and call it Candy Swirl.

  235. Shades of red and brown will be called Bella!
    Thanks so much.

  236. marta

    A self striping in monochromatic blue-greens sounds lovely! I’d probably call it Sea.

  237. Shannon

    springy greens and peach—call it freestone

  238. spockblocked

    My favorite would be dusty yellows, oranges and flecks of green, and I’d call it Vulcan.

  239. pinks, purples, yellows I would name it Precious bundle of joy

  240. A mixture of greens is my favourite colourway. I’d call it Green Dream

  241. elflyn

    Greys and blues with flecks of soft purple. I’d call it Driftwood.

  242. sangeetha

    I love green yarn and would call it swaying tree

  243. Hurray, some rare knitting goodies here! My colorway would be blue/green and a quirky dream name would be Knifty.

  244. ambjer

    yellow, grey, plum, coral, and cream (all my faves together!) and i would call it midwest best!

    ambjer (at)

  245. purple and red….and I would call it grape and strawberry jelly

  246. Myha

    I love hues of blues and greens and would name it something like Seabreeze or Mystic Waters 🙂

  247. perfect yarn… bleu and green… name hope! thank’s for the giveaway these yarn is beaufitul

  248. Kate

    I would love a totally purple variegated yarn — or better yet, one of those long-color-changing ones, like Noro or Chroma. Lovely Lilac? Positively Purple?

  249. Now that is some lovely yarn!! I’m really into socks right so I would love that for my stash! I have been on the lookout for a perfect fingering weight sock yarn, slightly variegated in shades of deep jewel-tone purple, that is superwash with a least a bit of nylon content. Haven’t found it yet but it’s perfect name would be Labyrinth (after the movie with David Bowie because for some reason purple just seems to fit with that movie)!

  250. Deb

    I’d call it Lavender Dreams, and it would be a wonderful blend of lots of different purples.

  251. Fun question! The yard would be variegated rainbow colors and I would name it “Clarabel’s Colorbox” for my little granddaughter.. 🙂

  252. I would have one that goes from robin’s egg blue to turquoise to a deep blue. I’d call it All Day Sky (not very creative, I know).

  253. Ooooh, this is pretty yarn!

    Mine would run the gamut of lemony greens and I’d call it “green.” If you think about it, it’s actually a pretty creative name. 🙂

  254. I love yarn in sea blue and greens and I would cll it Serenity.

  255. Thanks for the giveaway! I always participate in giveaway day (with my own giveaway) but was traveling this time around. 😦

    My perfect colorway? It would involve lots of pinks. And probably a purple. Name: The Chimesmonster.

  256. Erica

    a mix of lightish blues and blue greens, i don’t know what I would call it, probably something with sea in the name

  257. Jennifer

    Violet, purple, and splashes of yellow/orange. I’d call it Pansy Sunset.

  258. Bronwyn

    My favourite colourway would be greens and browns and blues. I’d call it Aotearoa.

  259. cnuland

    Greens and blues – maybe “Summer Seas”?

  260. Renee

    different aqua blues with a hint of yellow and magenta…called Sea,Sun & Sky!

  261. janefrogged

    I’d have one ranging from the palest, barely there grey through to dark grey with hilnt of liac and purple and call it Thunderstorm.

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