FO: Stripey little socks

Just as you finish off a nice pair of cosy socks, the sun comes out: Such is knitting!

I made these from one ball of Rico Design Superba Santa Fe. I had enough to make the stripes match up, but not the heels. It’s hard to care though, when there are more pressing matters to think about. BBQs, for example.


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7 responses to “FO: Stripey little socks

  1. Such pretty socks! I think that they match enough that they look perfect and funky at the same time. Good luck with the BBQs!

  2. Lovely socks, so cheerful.

  3. Those are just adorable. I admire folks who can make strips match. I pretend I don’t care!

  4. Underground Crafter

    Very fun stripes!

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  6. I think your blog is great and would like to nominate your for the “one lovely blog” award.

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