New needles, old yarn.

My broken needle problem has been solved! Actually it was solved shortly after posting about it. Turns out T stepped on it. Not enough to actually break it, just so that it snapped like a pencil lead the next time I put it down on a table.

Of course he was filled with contrition and paid for a new set. But then. I bought the new needles and suddenly found I was quite fed up with the plain top I had started with the old ones. Rrrip!

Now, I’ve recently had a little stash organisation session and finally managed to get control of my scraps…

Which caused me to notice that I had just enough Sirdar Balmoral DK left for a hat. What a great idea for breaking in my new needles!

I just used a simple pattern from 200 Fair Isle Motifs on the crown. Balmoral is discontinued these days which is a real shame because I loved it. It came in all my favourite colours and handled really smoothly.

Incidentally, did you know that pom-poms are also a really good way to use up scrap yarn??


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4 responses to “New needles, old yarn.

  1. Isn’t using up scrap yarn such a great feeling? Pompoms are also great fun to make, love the hat!

  2. What a great hat. I love using up yarn ends too.

  3. Love the hat, it looks great!

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