Knitting And Crochet Blog Week – Day 5: Something A Bit Different

Have you ever wondered to yourself  “If I was a yarn, which yarn would I be?”. I just know you have!

Wonder no more! Follow my extremely accurate* Yarn Personality Test and find out! Just click the picture to see the glorious full-size version!

Yarn Personality Test

*test may actually be inaccurate to the point of causing mild offense.


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40 responses to “Knitting And Crochet Blog Week – Day 5: Something A Bit Different

  1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.
    (I’m Madelinetosh, apparently. 🙂 )

  2. Very cleaver – and lots of hard work I am sure. I too am Tosh. Hmm….


  3. Sue

    HaHa – I’m a Jamieson & Smith 2ply

  4. I’m Madelinetosh Vintage. Never used it before, but now that I see it, and see that it’s 100% merino which is my favourite type of yarn evereverever, I must say: your flowchart is very accurate! And awesome. Let’s not forget awesome.

  5. Love it, apparaently I’m Jamison & Smith 2 ply, which I must say I have never heard of. Hope it’s nice.

  6. I’m Jamieson & Smith 2 ply. I love that yarn 😉 I love your “something different” It’s so clever.

  7. Liz

    This is brilliant! I am Madelin Tosh Vintage, lol 🙂

  8. Oh and I’m Cascade 220, which is one of my favourite workhorse yarns!

  9. eskimimimakes

    I am Fyberspates Scrumptious 4-ply. :oD

  10. AH! Love this! I’m Lorna’s Laces Shephard sock- so good!

  11. This is pretty much the best idea ever! Love it!

  12. dozenoaks

    I got Fyberspates 4-ply too!

    This is truly truly brilliant!! Brought back so many happy memories of crummy teenage girl mags from when I was a kid 🙂 Thank you!

  13. Fyberspates Scrumptious 4-ply! But I was one question away from being Wollmeise 80/20 — dang you, whimsy!
    (This is awesome, thank ya for the fun)

  14. Brilliant!!!!!! Lots of fun. I love it.

  15. I’m Madelinetosh which is amazing because it’s one of my favorite yarns! This is so cute and clever! Thank you! 😀

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  17. Too funny – I’m “Madelinetosh Vintage”… spot on, I must say!

  18. This is hilarious! Love it!!

  19. Love it! Hello, I’m Madelinetosh Vintage. Has rather a nice ring to it! Can I be a semi-solid red?

  20. anjig

    So awesome! I’m Fyberspates, which is lovely, since I love that yarn. This creative post is so great!

  21. brooklyn tweed shelter, it seems…

  22. I’m Mad Tosh Vintage! Love it! Just made a hat with it, very squooshy, which a student has told me that I am….

  23. randipants

    Oooh, I’m Kidsilk Haze. I’ve never tried it, actually, but it sure looks nice. No offense taken here!

  24. This is brilliant, that must have taken a lot of work. I never would have thought to do something like this.

  25. This is brilliant. I am quite pleased to be Madeline tosh vintage 🙂

  26. Buttons and Beeswax

    This is genius Ellen! I’ll have to check some of these out. I think I’m Madeline Tosh Vintage but the only way I’m sure I like Grease more than Breakfast at Tiffany’s is that I’ve seen it more, so I think I’ll have to go out and buy the Fiberspates Scrumptious 4ply too 🙂

  27. That’s incredible, I love it!

  28. So fun and clever! I am Madeline tosh vintage but my inner yarn wishes it was Wollmeise.

  29. Underground Crafter

    I love it! I’m Wollmeise, which I’ve never tried, but now I feel that I should :).

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  31. I love it! I’m Jamieson & Smith 2-ply, but I could easily be Fyberspates Scrumptious, too.

  32. Underground Crafter

    I love this. I’m a ball of Wollmeise, which is cool because I’ve never used it before.

  33. caityrosey

    A lot of your respondents seem to be Tosh Vintage. It would be interesting to follow this up with a survey so you could see if there are any patterns to your results. Perhaps we’ll learn a little bit about the personality traits of knitters and crocheters.

    • Well judging by the answers about your social life you have to give to reach it, I’d say that knitters must be exceptionally….close-knit.

      *puts on sunglasses*
      *peels out into sunset*

  34. I’m a little late with this comment, but I’m really impressed! I didn’t look at any of the yarns on the chart beforehand and answered each question honestly… and got Tosh Vintage. Which just happens to be my favorite yarn in the world (I finished a new sweater design in it YESTERDAY. Seriously.).

    So I’m sold 🙂

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