Knitting And Crochet Blog Week – Day 1: Colour Lovers

Welcome! To the first day of the:

So for every day of this week I’ll be posting about a different knitting-related topic. The topics are all conveniently listed here if you’d like a look ahead!

The first topic is about colour. Colour and how you use it. It’s nothing if not a good excuse for a stash-flash!  I think it’s well worth it to take a step back occasionally, to see if your knitting will fit coherently into you wardrobe. So here is my current collection of yarn-that-is-yet-to-be-knitted (I like to pretend my scrap pile doesn’t count).

Firstly, I can’t believe I fit all that into one Ikea storage box. Secondly, there is a clear favourite hue that keeps cropping up isn’t there? I must confess: I was once a bad teenage goth. I basically lived in black, grey, red and stripes. I  think I’m too old for that nonsense now, but it’s a hard habit to break: I completely love stripes and I am not a fan of pale colours.

My second favourite colour is now apparently yellow. I made a bright yellow cardigan last year which turned out awesome and sparked off a little love affair. I’ve officially added rich yellow to the list of “colours I can regularly pull off”.

And fair isle! I’ve done a lot of that too! I think it there’s one thing I have learned about multiple colour choices it’s that you should only use colours you’d be happy making the entire jumper out of. So the next one will be red, black and yellow. Clearly.

On the flipside I can’t be doing with any yarn that’s buff, tan, beige, peach, taupe or anything else that makes it look like I’m shedding skin. I do not want brown knitwear. I had a brown cardigan once which I wore on days when I had given up all hope of leaving the house. It makes me sad just to think about that thing.

So after a good bit of stash-gazing I think I can sum my colour choices up in three easy words:


Or, you know, a slightly more adventurous ex-gothkid. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.


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34 responses to “Knitting And Crochet Blog Week – Day 1: Colour Lovers

  1. From one ex teenage goth to another, I love your colour choices. I also still wear primarily the dark colours too, but my make-up is a lot better these days. Happy Knitting.

  2. I’m drooling over your stash… You pick such lovely colours!

  3. Ok, good thing I did not put a pic of my stash online. Your Many is a beauty!

  4. I meant to get a picture up of my whole stash to assess the colour balance, but there’s so much of it now that it would be quite an undertaking. Must do it though – so interesting to see how people gravitate towards particular shades. Love your colours!

  5. nice array! i especially love the blue on the upper left…

    • Thank you! It’s also the yarn in my header image 🙂
      The yarn brand is Krafty Koala which unfortunately seems to be on a production hiatus at the moment so I feel quite lucky to have nabbed it when I did.

  6. You have a beautiful stash! We definitely have similar tastes in color.

  7. Sue

    love the mustard Sublime yarn

  8. Beautiful! I like the dark saturated rainbows, too.

  9. Rich colours.
    Great to find you through Blog Week.
    Ana BC

  10. I have come to believe we all went through a goth/black stage of our teen years. I was going through my itunes one day and realized I was a very angry teen with all of the screaming music I listened to. The new sweater sounds great!

  11. From one ex-pseudogoth to another, I can totally respect your color choices. I didn’t have as much of a love for red or stripes (stripes make me look fatter)…….but I still have them.

  12. Your stash is beautiful! I love all the colors you have and the darker shade is lovely!

  13. What!? No way that you can stuff all that in one Ikea storage box! Unless it’s one of those that you can use as a bathtub. And as one former goth-kid to another: love the colours! Especially the top left corner.. Grey, green, blue… (I still wear a lot of black, but there’s a lot less swishy sleeves and weird elements involved these days. Oh, and the eyeliner. I hear you on the eyeliner.)

    • I use one of the big ones that fit into Expedit shelving. Granted I have to pack everything in like Tetris bricks and shove it back into the shelf before the lid pops off, but it works!

  14. I was more of a wannabe goth. My Docs were brown.
    Loving the black actually, rather fancy a black cardy for myself next winter!

  15. Love stripes…..I always find clothes I pick up tend to be stripey and i naturally look at other people’s stripey projects on rav searches….I quite like brown….that is until my husband says to me, go get changed you look like a poo!

  16. Love your stash pic, especially the grey. Do you mind me asking what brand/fibre/weight it is?

  17. chopkins2011

    you may emphasise greys and yellow but I think you have a pretty fair variety there – and they all blend very nicely

  18. Your stash is quite varied in colour I think! I’m another fan of stripes!

  19. I have one thing to say – serious stash envy!! I love everything in your stash, totally my colours. Great blog post – thanks for sharing. See you throughout blog week 🙂

  20. Dark, saturated rainbows. How poetic and descriptive. I love that and fall into that category myself. I also love my Expedit unit. It’s amazing how much it holds!

  21. Bev

    I don’t do beige, tan or taupe either unless I am knitting bears!!! Your stash has some lovely deep naturalistic colours (rusty orange, olive green, deep plum) which appeal to me a lot.

    So pleased to have found your blog this week and am looking forward to reading some of your old posts!

    B x

  22. Ooh, what a pretty stash! I have reddish hair so I can’t do many reds… but I love the color anyway and have fun lusting after others’ stash reds. I’m sure you’re going to have fun with that pile 🙂

  23. My scrap pile doesn’t count either!!!!
    yummy piles of yarn you have

  24. I really like your selection of greens, yellows, and rustic oranges. Your yellow cardi was lovely and I like how you’re so adventurous in knitting where you branched out to Fair Isle.

  25. Haha 🙂 I love some of your bright colors! And of course, everyone seems to look great in blacks and grays, so that’s always a good option for clothing.

  26. freshstitches

    Oh my goodness… love it!

  27. Ha. Awesome post. I love your stash all laid out… and scraps do not count. Fabulous.

  28. Sometimes I wish I still had a stash that small! It’s smart to have so many skeins of each color though for bigger garments. I have alot of small amounts and have to buy yarn if i want to make a large garment.

  29. I am totally with you on the saturated colors. Love them! I also came to understand yellow through knitting.

    And is that your whole stash? You are a woman of self-control!

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