Yarn Review: Cornish Organic DK

I’m still checking up on my British Yarn Guide from time to time, adding new companies as I find them, but it’s a rather dangerous list to maintain. It causes me to buy more yarn.

Here is a lovely acquisition from Cornish Organic Wool I will be testing out for you today. This particular company does exactly what it says on the label. The wool is certified organic, and from Cornish farmers. I bought some because a) the colourways are right up my alley and b) I like the idea of knitwear that’s never been out of Southwest England at any point in it’s life.

The sheep breeds used are mostly Lleyn crosses and the exact origin of your wool is printed on each label. This particular skein comes from the Home Farm in Tetbury. That’s right – this is Duchy Original wool! I hope that makes a difference. Happy sheep certainly taste better but that’s neither here nor there is it?

Here it is knitted up on 3.75mm needles before blocking. I found it a perfectly pleasant knit. It’s not too ‘sticky’ as pure wool goes but I would recommend well-polished needles all the same.

Relaxes nicely after washing doesn’t it? I found my gauge of 22sts/ 4in made the fabric a bit too stiff for clothing, but I am hoping to make gloves with this yarn, and it feels pretty much ideal.

It also doesn’t distort significantly after stretching, nor pill easily. As I review more and more yarns I’m finding this to be a characteristic of a good pure wool. I’m sure more experienced knitters could have told me that but it’s nice to see it for yourself.

It’s softly textured and slightly uneven, which gives it this mushy, semi-felted appearance you can see in the pictures. It’s not felted at all though, I can assure you!
If I was to sum up this yarn I would describe it as ‘charmingly rustic’. Nice stuff!


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2 responses to “Yarn Review: Cornish Organic DK

  1. Charmingly rustic sounds perfect! I love a good pure wool – thanks for the recommendation. Carry on with your research! 🙂

  2. The color immediately grabbed my attention! This looks like a scrumptious wool, and I LOVE that it’s a yarn with a purpose!

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