Ravelry Roundup: Not just a load of lace shawls

Recently I’ve been wondering what to do with the cobweb-weight yarn in my stash. I had a project all planned out but it was clearly a poor match. So what now? Lace shawls are extremely popular amongst lovers of fine yarn, but I do not do shawls. Or stoles, neckerchiefs or wraps. I have one wrap, it gets used as a scarf.

So I have asked for recommendations on Twitter, I have searched Ravelry myself, and I have found a selection of patterns that make good use of 1-ply and 2-ply yarn, with no shawls in sight!

Spring Cloud by Sachiko Uemura

Aphrodite by Jamie A. Besel

Osmena by Jenn Jarvis

The ever-popular Featherweight cardigan by Hannah Fettig

Perseids by Asami Kawa

Tuva84's take on Ysolda Teague's Veyla gloves


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5 responses to “Ravelry Roundup: Not just a load of lace shawls

  1. Wow, that little Grecian draped top is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

    • All of that guy’s lace designs are amazing! I figured I should just pick the one though, or the post would just turn into “Jamie Besel’s Ravelry page”.

  2. I am constantly searching for new lace weight patterns that allow me to avoid shawl knitting. I really love the first sweater pattern you have pictured!

  3. Osmena is gorgeous! I hadn’t seen it before and I’ve got 2-ply dying to be knit into something lovely – thanks!

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