What’s this about a sweater curse?

As soon as I finish one black jumper, I go and start another.

This time, I will be knitting a sweater for the other half. He was dead serious about that tactleneck.

Fun fact! If you spend enough time reading about knitting on the internet, something about a ‘Sweater Curse’ keeps cropping up. As far as I can tell the Sweater Curse is this:

Knitting a sweater for your beloved will cause the end of your relationship in one of two ways.

1) You will spend all your free time knitting for your other half instead of having sex with them. They leave.

2) The finished sweater is so terrible that they decide you, by extension, are also terrible. They leave.

Pish-posh to that! Firstly: I do all my knitting out of the house these days – either on the train to work, or at the local Stitch ‘n’ Bitch group. These are all completely appropriate times to knit. Secondly: T has vetoed every aspect of this jumper himself.

He’s chosen a simple design, as befitting a Tactleneck. Drop shoulder, no shaping, 2×2 ribbing all over. I am very roughly following the schematics of this free pattern by Pierrot yarns:

Click for Ravelry page

I was hoping to use Drops Nepal yarn a second time, so we could have matching jumpers and be total dorks together. Unfortunately Garnstudios cleared out their entire stock during that christmas sale of theirs and they’ve been slow to add more.

Instead, we went to the local yarn shop and agreed on King Cole Merino Blend Aran, which is very similar.  T was a little sad about this choice, because whilst in the shop, he discovered that baby alpaca/silk blend yarns are a thing you can buy.  But even he balked at the price tags of £14/100g. Maybe I’ll buy him a single skein of something from Blue Sky Alpacas that he can just rub all over his face and chest now and then.

So here we go, the back has been worked! If we break up in the next few months this post is going to be unbearably ironic.


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7 responses to “What’s this about a sweater curse?

  1. I knit my husband two sweaters before we ever thought of getting married. Curse… phish… You’re good. 😀

  2. You’ve got a great model there ; )
    Let’s hope you stay together!

  3. I see – he’s the model for the pattern doh! LOL!

  4. Good luck! He must be really knit-worthy if you’re willing to make him a black, all-over ribbing sweater. So I think you’re fine on the curse 🙂

    • Heehee thanks! It’s aran weight so it’s not too bad. I’m also planning a jumper for myself that is mostly 2×2 ribbing in 4-ply. This one counts as a practice run!

  5. kfklever

    I knit my boyfriend of 3 years a sweater and we’re still going strong 🙂 But, he knew of my knitting obsession when we met LOL Good luck on the sweater!

  6. I would like to thank you all for the encouragement! I’m now more confident than ever that this jumper cannot fail!

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