Two odd little socks

I am now half-way through the second of my eye-bleedingly bright Froot Loop socks. This is obviously the perfect time to get distracted by something else, forever.

Recently I nipped over to my local yarn shop to pick up an order of Christmas present yarn I’ve been waiting on for a while. I also managed to completely disregard my own advice and pick up some self-striping sock yarn on the fly. Whoops.

But let’s look on the bright side! Self-striping sock yarn is an excellent way to perfect a basic knitted sock whilst still producing an interesting result.

In particular I’ve been wanting to perfect the wrap-and-turn short row method of working toes and heels. All my previous attempts have been kinda holey and asymmetrical.

Cue some internet tutorial love : Eskimimi Makes is the new name of Eskimimi Knits; a blog that went down, and recently resurfaced with all the best photo-tutorials intact. Those sock tutorials are great!  After dropping down a needle size and following the aforementioned tutorials….

Looking marvellous!

And that’s when I went ahead and finished the whole sock. Yup, I knitted two whole socks in quick succession, but I still don’t have a pair.

Oh those poor lonely unpaired socks! Too different to ever get along! Still, it feels like an improvement over 2011, where I knitted roughly half a sock every 3 months.


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2 responses to “Two odd little socks

  1. Hey! So glad that you found it useful :o)

    And don’t worry about not knitting PAIRS of socks at once. I had four single socks (socks for boyfriend’s birthday, rainbow socks for me, a pair of lace socks and a cabled pair of socks) all on the go at once. I knit one each of lace > cable > boyfriend > rainbow and then knit their pairs boyfriend > rainbow > lace and next to cast on is the final cabled sock. I get to knit different types of socks and will eventually get pairs made for them all :oP That way, if I fancy cabling or lace one day… I have a project for that!

    • Hmmm I like your style! I’d jump around between projects more, only I have a personal rule of “no more than 3 WIPs at any one time” for a very good reason…

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