FO: Beatnik Jumper

I started knitting at Christmas and finished in February, which means I am able to wear this comfy new jumper straight away. It’s still cold outside! And this jumper is very warm so if I’d taken any longer it would have to be packed away for the next 6 months which is too sad to think about.

Now I like to share useful tutorials on this blog, and I’ve got an extra special link for you today:

A complete scan of the 1949 guidebook on “How To Click For The Camera” courtesy of A Rarer Borealis. An in-depth publication on how to pose like a genuine vintage model. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll think “Huh, so that’s how to make my butt look less fat”. I read the whole thing and now I can finally look cool in photos!

Beatnik Jumper FO


But anyway, I rate the Beatnik jumper a flying success. It’s a satisfying pattern to work and the shaping is very easy to alter. I was worried the collar might look a bit crazy, but it has just enough stiffness to hold its shape and nothing more. I also have a slightly more sensible close-up of the cables…

Beatnik Jumper

The key to photographing black wool is flash I think.

Until next time, happy posing!


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3 responses to “FO: Beatnik Jumper

  1. Loving your jumper! Great job, esp with those complicated cables.
    Also, well done on your vintage posing. I felt transported back in time there! Loving the shades to counter act the flash for black yarn. Got to be done! 😀

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