Knitting ridiculous socks

I usually stick to knitting sensible stuff. I don’t care to look like a crazy knitting lady, even if I am one. I aspire to knit stuff that makes people go “OMG where did you BUY that!!” so I can look smug and be all like ” Well, actually….”

But then I nabbed this Yarn Yard sock yarn in a swap. The colourway is ‘Ice Cream’. Isn’t it delightfully eye-searing? Neon pink, neon green, white and light brown: A winning combination.

One of the harsh lessons newbie knitters must learn is that if colours look awesome in a skein, they will look like vom when knitted up.

Froot Loop socks WIP

This is the Froot Loop sock pattern from Knitty. It’s a cute pattern, but oh man, this sock is nuts. I am under no illusions. However sock knitting is vastly more entertaining when the yarn keeps changing colour under your fingers. This is just over a week’s worth of knitting. Compared to previous socks this is just flying off the needles isn’t it?

This is a short blog post because I am running off to finish these ridiculous socks! Byeeee!

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