The first project of the year

Just before Christmas I bought myself a massive bag of awesome discount Drops Nepal yarn. It was just what I needed for a jumper pattern I’ve been coveting since it was published: Beatnik, by Norah Gaughan.

So before the holidays ended and I was still bumming around my parents’ house in my new tartan pyjamas (courtesy of Santa) I knit the sleeves. In seed stitch. In four days. Record!

Progress on the body is distinctly slower, mostly because I have gone back to work, but also because it is a seething mass of cables. It’s a very involved pattern with a lot of steps to memorise. Worth it for such a gloriously textured result though:

Beatnik Jumper WIP

You will never know how much lamp-wrangling it took to make these cables show up on camera

Though it feels like a bit of a slog at times, it’s going well. I’m almost halfway way through and it’s still winter! At this rate I will be able to wear it during the first half of 2012.

I would also like to show off another thing I have bought recently, though it has nothing to do with knitting. It is an indie graphic novel and it is freakin beautiful. 450 pages of fantastic artwork and story.

Rice Boy comic

It is Rice Boy by Evan Dahm, the first of three comics set in the fantasy world of his creation, Overside. They are all available to read for free online (the third is currently ongoing), so if you enjoy sprawling, whimsical, psychedelic adventure stories you should absolutely go have a read. And maybe buy the print version? Because webcomics are all well and good, but seeing 450 pages of fantastic artwork in your hand all at once is spectacular.

Rice boy detail

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