Vintage Vogue Knitting Bonanza!

Spoiler: This post is full of pictures!

My Grandma recently let me look through her collection of knitting patterns, to see if there was anything I liked. She is undisputably the grand high craftmaster of our family and has a good two drawers stuffed full. I couldn’t pass that offer up could I?

A lifetime’s accumulation of patterns makes for a bit of an anthropological dig. At the top I found sensible cardigans by Sirdar and Patons and clippings from the WI magazine. Beneath that, giant hilarious 80s jumpers, looking alarmingly like what can be found in TopShop today.
Further down, a sudden rash of crocheted ponchos. Let us not speak of those again.
Once in the 60s, it all became child’s clothes – the things my mum and her siblings wore as kids. Also, several little cardigans that looked naggingly familiar to me too…

Right at the bottom I found something a bit special.

The Vogue Knitting Book No.43. Spring 1953. Bought back when my Gran was still a ‘Miss’. What an age away!

And so I have scanned the best pictures for your enjoyment. Don’t say I’m not good to you!

Unfortunately the cover was missing, but we start with some chic weekend wear!

I like this neat bed-jacket too. It would make anyone’s waist look tiny.

Tassels: They never go out of style.

Let’s not forget the menswear either. These two pictures aren’t on the same page in the book, but they totally should have been. Captions on a postcard please.

There were a couple of colour spreads too, which I’ve scanned in nice and large so you can see the full glory of all this pinkness.

Click for hi-res version

I love these little evening tops, but I have to wonder how that v-neck would stay up in real life.

Click for hi-res version

It wouldn’t be a Vogue publication if it wasn’t at least 25% solid adverts! Here’s my favourite illustration, for deodorant powder:

Gosh there was just no female solidarity in those marketing days! It seems like there are loads of old adverts where a woman’s awfully concerned friends stand about 4 metres behind her and bitch about her shortcomings in 36pt font. No wonder Miss Stinkypits is pouting. Don’t worry dear, one day you’ll find some friends who appreciate your natural musk.


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5 responses to “Vintage Vogue Knitting Bonanza!

  1. These pictures are wonderful! I’m envious… love them!

    • They’re so cute aren’t they? I’d share the patterns but they appear to be pretty thoroughly copyrighted…and my grandma wants the book back at some point!

  2. What a treat – I love it if I find vintage patterns in charity shops.
    Great pictures.

  3. lynn

    Really enjoyed this post! Thank you for sharing those great images.

  4. aeneus

    I really liked the vintage vogue patterns! I live in southern ireland and recently found indigenous knitting mags from 50s, 60s and70s. Also feature a septagenarian who was a dab hand at knocking out a tune on a washboard (..that’ll give you a rough idea!)
    ..and the ponchos!! What started that? Eastwood films, do ya think?

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