Free Pattern: Houndstooth Handwarmers

Hello 2012! Let’s start you off right: With a free knitting pattern!

These are some lovely little fingerless mitts I am very pleased with. They’re knitted in DK yarn which makes them both warm and super-quick to make. The yarn is Sirdar Balmoral (which is selling for a song over at Black Sheep Wools) but really, any lovely woolly DK yarn will do.

Houndstooth Handwarmers

The handwarmers have a proper thumb gusset so as to keep the pattern going over the entire main body. I’m also pleased with the resulting little faux-seam that forms where the increases are made. Plus, though it may not be immediately obvious, the handwarmers are mirror images of each other! As a maths nerd, I pretty much insist on symmetry and pattern continuity. Does anyone else feel the same? Do off-kilter number sequences make you feel a bit uncomfortable? Like some natural order has been put out of balance? No? Well then you may be less of a nerd that me (highly probable).

Houndstooth Handwarmers Thumbs

I’ve also used some fancy cast-on/offs here. Regular readers might have started to suspect that the tubular ribbing cast-on/offs are my favourite methods for finishing ribbing. They absolutely are! Of course it’s not essential to the pattern that you use them too, but if you fancy levelling up your knitting there are some excellent tutorials here and here.

As a bit of an experiment with pattern distribution, you can download the .pdf pattern for these handwarmers from two places:

This blog –


Or if you’re a Raveller, try this link:


Houndstooth Handwarmers Pattern Information:

Size: To fit an average women’s size hand (7.5” around the knuckles).

Needles: One set of 4mm dpns

Yarn: 135yds in main colour, 70yds in contrasting colour.

Gauge: 28st/29 rws to 4in (10cm) in Houndstooth pattern.

Also Required: 2 stitch markers, stitch holder/ waste yarn.

Happy knitting!


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9 responses to “Free Pattern: Houndstooth Handwarmers

  1. They look lovely: you really are a human knitting machine!

  2. SusieQ100

    I love these! Thanks for the pattern, I’ve printed it from Ravelry straight away!

  3. Brigitte

    Look smashing. great pic too!

  4. nina

    Nice n very gorgeus.

  5. Marion Welch

    Thanks for the pattern of these stylish and warm gloves.

  6. Beautiful pattern, thanks for sharing!

  7. Brenda West

    I,ve got one made, just starting the second one. Using Patrons Lace with sequins, black and white. Love them, will post a picture when completed.

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  9. Brea

    I am through row 25 of the thumb gusset and confused as to what to do for rows 26 through 32. Should I be putting the thumb gusset stitches on a holder and continuing the pattern on the body of the glove? Please help! Thanks.

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