FO: Jocosa Jumper

Hello! I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas! England remains bereft of snow, but no matter, because I’ve had a lovely relaxing holiday anyway. The fridge is full of delicious leftovers and there’s been lots of quality family time. My little brother brought home his shiny new Xbox Kinect and I played Fruit Ninja ’til my arms almost fell off. But I now hold about 75% of all the high scores so it was worth it. Also, I got a wool voucher for Christmas! Gosh, how did my parents know???

Now, as for that jumper I’ve been working on…it took a bit of frantic knitting and sewing, but I did it! I made a whole jumper in time for Christmas lounging.

Jocosa jumper

Yes I am very festive here

I deem it a success! It’s comfy, it’s the right length to wear with jeans, people even complimented it before they realised I’d knitted it too!Jocosa Sleeve

This is the photo that shows the colours best I think. The sleeves were the trickiest bit because I had to recalculate the sleeve cap to make it fit the larger yoke (all because I did not wish to faff around with neck openings!).

The original pattern also called for a massive amount of stitch increases right after the sleeve pattern was finished. I found that quite odd but I pressed on anyway. Sometimes you get knitting instructions that make no sense at the time! It worked out though, so I guess I have learnt a new way of increasing the width of short sleeves?

I seem to have posted quite a bit about this one jumper! My Ravelry project page has all sorts of detailed photos on it if you would like to see more.

All that remains now is to relax for the rest of 2011 and maybe finish off the Christmas pudding. Cheers!


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3 responses to “FO: Jocosa Jumper

  1. susanwritesandknits

    This is gorgeous!

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