I have my Advent hat on

Ah December! Now it is time to be excited about Christmas (November is not appropriate for festive excitement no matter how much the shops say so). Now I am excited about Christmas! Yes, the shopping is done – one evening with some hot toddy and an internet connection is all a girl needs. I am excited for food and presents and going home to the family for the holidays. We will eat mountains of roasted things and play wholesome family games that involve 5 minutes of shouting until somebody wins. For three days it will be acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast. I will probably tread on pine needles whilst barefoot. Hooray! Christmas!

Last week I finished the body of my Jocosa jumper. It’s looking very winter-appropriate.

Jocosa body

I am absolutely making it my goal to have the sleeves done by the 23rd, so I will have an official Christmas Jumper. The ribbing at the bottom was also a good chance for me to practice the tubular bind-off as detailed here. A perfect match for one of my favourite cast-ons!

tubular cast off

In other news I have been updating the British Yarn Guide at a steady rate. It’s getting to be a mighty long list. I didn’t realise how many awesome yarns were out there when I made the initial post! Made your Christmas wishlist yet? Perhaps the list will give you some ideas for it!

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